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iPod is now officially a Classic

While the iPod Touch will probably get all of the attention today, the iPod isn't going anywhere. Apple has rebranded it the iPod Classic, made it thinner, added more memory, put the CoverFlow interface in it, and turned it into a lean, mean music playing machine. But the best reason to buy the iP...

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PSA: 160GB Apple TV now shipping

As we noticed yesterday, Apple is now offering two versions of the Apple TV: the original 40GB model for $299, and a new 160GB model for $399, which is shipping in 1-2 business days. This should make things interesting for those 3rd party services we found that can sell you pre-upgraded Apple TVs...

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160GB hard drive in the next MacBook Pro?

According to Macworld, Seagate is shipping a 160GB laptop drive. Does this mean the 120GB hard drive I asked to be squeezed into the MacBook Pro I ordered will soon be replaced by another drive with an extra 40GBs of space? I have no idea. This is total speculation, but it would be cool. If you grab...

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