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Survey shows 42% of iPhone users run out of storage space once a month or more

Not to harp this on this issue, but 16GB isn't really a lot of storage. God forbid you try to get by with less than that, say 8GB. But how much does living with 16GB actually impact your life? A new study from the cloud photography app IceCream and Ondevice Research says it impacts regular usage f...

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Class action lawsuit filed against Apple over large iOS storage requirements

Apple is facing a newly-filed class action lawsuit which alleges the company doesn't properly warn customers about the storage requirements of for iOS 8. The lawsuit -- filed by William Anderson of the Washington, D.C. based firm Cuneo, Gilbert, & Laduca -- claims the installation can take up...

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16 GB iPhone 4 still available at some Radio Shack locations

If you're in the market for a cheap iPhone 4, you may want to call your local Radio Shack. A leaked document provided to 9to5Mac suggests the electronics retailer still has inventory of both the 8 GB and 16 GB models. The two iPhone 4 models are available for US$99 with a new two-year contract....

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Jobs unveils new iPod nano at "Let's Rock"

The rumors were true on this one, too -- there's a new iPod nano in town, and it's sporting that long, thin, somewhat rounded design that we've seen early on. There's a new widescreen that can be turned horizontally (thanks to a new built-in accelerometer, you can also "shake to shuffle"), and in th...

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