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Tag: 1passwd

1Password now available on Mac App Store

If you haven't already heard, AgileBits has unleashed their fantastic password manager 1Password upon the Mac App Store. Not only is it now available in a convenient easy-to-update form, but this new version will include new features and an easy upgrade path to 4.0. Not to mention it's also HAL...

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Agile offering free licenses, 15% discount

Agile Web Solutions today offered its customers a Thanksgiving present: a free copy of 1Password. Existing customers are encouraged to give up to three extra licenses to their friends by visiting Agile's website and providing their information. New customers can also benefit: If you purchase 1Passw...

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Beefing up your Phishing net

Phishers -- in their sinister attempts to bilk you out of your time, money, and personal information with bogus emails -- are becoming more and more clever. Luckily, with a little critical thinking and up-to-date software, you can keep yourself safe. Typically, to avoid falling victim to phishing, ...

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1Password updated with anti-phishing support

It's been six months between major upgrades to browser credentials manager and all-around swell pal 1Password, and the Agile team has not been napping; the new version 2.6 offers anti-phishing tech courtesy of integration with, compatibility with SSB fave Fluid, and a more streamlined...

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1Password: same great taste, new price

Password concierge and form-filler extraordinaire 1Password was upped to version 2.5.12 today with more features, changes and fixes than we could possibly list. Of course, current bleeding-edge users probably noticed that 2.6 Beta 6 also came out today with its own improvements and fixes, including ...

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Free download of 1Password 2.5.3, courtesy Macworld

The utility formerly known as 1Passwd, which holds a place of pride in the app folders of many, is currently free for the downloading from Agile Web as part of a Macworld newsletter promotion (no, you don't need to subscribe to download). Since 1Password normally retails for $29.95, this is a bargai...

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1Passwd 2.5b adds iPhone export

The browser password manager 1Passwd has just been updated to version 2.5b and adds an interesting new feature: iPhone export. You're now able to export your secure passwords and notes to the iPhone from your Mac. The clever thing is that they accomplish this without hacking the iPhone in any way. ...

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Firefox Mac team looking for feedback

For anyone who has ever wished that Firefox did this or that on Mac OS X - get ready to voice your requests and complaints. Jeff Smykil at Ars Technica is reporting that Colin Barrett of the Firefox team has left the door wide open for Mac users to submit requests for the browser, including a short ...

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Graphical software licenses: a good idea?

Over at the Switcher's Blog (which is actually the blog for browser form manger 1Passwd) they're crowing about their new innovation: software License Cards. These are basically just graphic files that contain the registration information embedded in them. These "cards" are emailed to customers, an...

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TUAW Podcast #22: 1Passwd

This week's podcast covers 1Passwd, the password manager and autofill tool that brings some really unique features and multi-browser support for the Keychain to the table. For just under 8 minutes I demonstrate some of the killer features of this app that go above and beyond the norm, and the whol...

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1Passwd 2.3 brings new UI, folders, 1Click Login Bookmarks and more to browser keychain tool

1Passwd from Agile Web Solutions is one of those browser addons that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, as if its developers had an epiphany while laying in a field of not-too-prickly grass on a perfectly warm, sunny day, asking themselves: "how can we make the world a better place?" Which br...

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1Passwd 2.1, build #3744 gets new icon, NetNewsWire support

1Passwd, our favorite Tiger-only web form filler and password manager, was updated yesterday to version 2.1 build 3744. It sports a shiny new icon and now supports NetNewsWire! Also in this release are over 20 other improvements and bug fixes, along with the following new features: Added 'Find...

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1Passwd 2.0 available, free update for current users

My favorite password and form manager, 1Passwd from Agile Web Solutions, has been given a nice update from version 1.5 to version 2.0. As a registered user I appreciate that there's no charge for this update, even though it's a major update and not a minor tweak. The authors have even stated there w...

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1Passwd - password/form manager lets Firefox use the Keychain

*Oh snap!* Agile Web Solutions has created a password and form manager extension for both Safari and Firefox that fixes one of my biggest gripes about Mozilla's flagship browser: it can store website passwords in Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. For those who haven't stumbled upon the wonders...

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