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Dear Auntie TUAW: Is My 2.0 iPhone Slow and Buggy?

Dear Auntie TUAW, I've been looking to see if there was a post about this, but have people been noticing that the 2.0 firmware on their original iPhones has made them slow, partially responsive, and more buggy? I'm looking for a way to downgrade mine until they get it figured out. Thanks! Signed, ...

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iPod touch 2.0 update now for sale, for real

Blessed are the patient, for they shall pay $9.95 (or $10.79, with sales tax depending on your billing address) and download the iPod touch 2.0 Software Update (store link), and yea they shall wait some 20 to 30 minutes for the 226 MB of new firmware to descend from the high Akamai and bestow App S...

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Found Footage: Dev Team Posts Video

If you've been thinking the iPhone Dev Team (the team behind the jailbreaking applications) would die out after firmware 2.0, then think again. That's because the dev team has just published a video showing the jailbreaking process for a 2.0 iPhone. Update: We are currently uploading the video, in ...

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iPod touch software update available soon

Apple is close to releasing its $9.99 iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch (sheesh) to bring it up to speed with the iPhone and App Store. As we mentioned yesterday, the update will also include Mail, Stocks, Maps, Weather and Notes. The update is linked from Apple's website since about 4:30 t...

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Apple's iPhone developer NDA to expire tomorrow?

According to a recent TechCrunch post, iPhone developers have received an e-mail from the Apple mothership saying the iPhone developer NDAs (non-disclosure agreements; i.e. "hush hush notices") will expire tomorrow at 9 a.m. PST. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that the AppStore and iPhone...

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Found Footage: iPhone 2.0 firmware walkthrough, iTunes 7.7 screenshots

Gizmodo has posted a video demoing the new iPhone 2.0 (build 5A345) firmware. In the video they mainly show the new features: Fetch New Data option, Parental Controls, new BCC field when you type an e-mail, and the scientific calculator. The AppStore icon was on the home screen, but wouldn't laun...

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iPhone 2.0 firmware release date hidden under our noses

Since its announcement, we've all been speculating about the iPhone 2.0 firmware release date, but Apple has been hiding the date under our noses all along. "iPhone 2.0 software will be available on July 11 as a free software update via iTunes® 7.7 or later for all iPhone customers," Apple note...

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iPhone 2.0 firmware goes golden master

Gizmodo and GearLive are reporting that the iPhone 2.0 firmware will go golden master (locked for shipping) this week. Golden master does not necessarily mean that Apple will ship the firmware this week (after all, Steve said that it would ship in "early July") but it does mean that the firmware and...

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What first generation iPhone owners can expect

You may have heard that Apple released a minor update to their line of iPhones yesterday. No big deal, you weren't going to ditch your first generation iPhone and run for the 3G hill, were you? Oh, so you are going to upgrade? Oh well, this post might not be for you then. However, for those of you l...

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Downgrading your 2.0 iPhone from the Pink Screen of Death

I haven't played with iPhone firmware 1.2/2.0 yet, but I'm told that some developers have encountered what is becoming known as the PSOD: a pink-colored start screen that apparently replaces the "connect to iTunes" graphic you'd normally see before activation. iPhone hacker AlJaMa wrote in with his...

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Apple seeds iPhone 2.0 beta firmware

According to our sister blog, Engadget, the iPhone 2.0 firmware has been seeded to developers. Before this update, the firmware was listed as version 1.2, but now shows up as version 2.0. Engadget says that the update didn't provide many changes: Cisco VPN tweaked, root-level mail / ActiveSync sett...

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Found Footage: iPhone firmware 1.2 hacked

The iPhone hacking community is at it again, and they're not going to take the SDK for an answer. The dev team has recently found out how to install and run iPhone firmware 1.2. This is supposedly the SDK-only developer version, which runs the iPhone (Aspen) simulator. Firmware 1.2 may end up re-re...

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iPhone parental controls?

The iPhone Dev Team seems to have stumbled across a hidden feature in the next version of the iPhone firmware. The picture is reminiscent of the iPhone SDK "Organizer" that shows the currently connected iPhone. However, something that's different from the screenshots that we posted is the "Console,"...

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Shiira 2.0 Preview

Shiira has always been the browser we all have installed, play with when we're bored or need to test site compatibility, but never really use in day-to-day work. Despite the fact that the current version has essentially all the features of Safari, the interface and features always felt a bit unpoli...

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Firefox 2.0 alpha released

DownloadSquad has noticed that an alpha release (read: not stable) of Firefox 2.0 is live, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and waiting for your clicks. I'm having a hard time tracking down any kind of official list of what's new in this next major point release, but after quickly running ...

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