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iPhone 2.1 firmware out now

As announced on Tuesday, the iPhone 2.1 firmware is out now, downloadable via iTunes. According to Apple's website, updates include: Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls Significantly better battery life for most users Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes Improved e...

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New iPod touch includes speakers, Nike+

In its "Let's Rock" event today, Apple introduced three new iPod touch models, all of which are available today. $229 will get you 8GB of storage, $299 will buy 16GB, and $399 scores 32GB. That's knocking $70 to $100 off the price of each. The form factor is very slightly thinner, and has a similar...

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iPod touch 2.1 firmware walkthrough

Last night, Apple offered up the iPod touch 2.1 firmware early for iPod touch owners (iPhone owners will have to wait until Friday). Not much has changed since the 2.0 firmware, but Apple did add some features to the Music section of the iPod touch -- most notably, Genius. Unlike Genius in iTunes on...

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Downgrading 2.1 iPhones not as daunting as originally thought

If you've heard (as we had) that the journey to the beta 2.1 firmware for the iPhone is one-way only, TUAW reader Brian D. has some good news for you. He writes in to say that the journey back is not as impossible as once thought. "Users can downgrade merely by putting the iPhone into DFU mode, and...

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Apple drops Xsan update 2.1

If you use Xsan, then you might want to take note of the new update that Apple dropped yesterday. Apple updated Xsan Admin, Xsan Filesystem and the Xsan Uninstaller to version 2.1. According to the update note, the Xsan Filesystem update fixes: Metadata controller reliability Using and valid...

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NetNewsWire 2.1 released

After all the beta releases, the testing and the blood sweat and tears, NetNewsWire 2.1 has gone official. In case you've been living under a rock the past few months, this long-anticipated release of the most.popular.newsreader.evar includes major new features like syncing with NewsGator, posting t...

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