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TUAW 2006

Motorola SLVR Verdict: It's no "i"Phone Motorola recently launched the SLVR, the iTunes-compatible successor to last fall's failed ROKR. Like its predecessor, the ROKR is a great idea in theory, but it ends up as a disappointment. On the plus side, the design is much more sleek than the ROKR --...

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Apple showcases 2006 Academy Award nominees

Is it awards season again? I feel like I just put my tux into storage. Ah well, someone has to be the arm candy on the red carpet and this humble blogger is up to the challenge. It looks like Apple wants in on some of the red carpet glory as well (how is that for a segue?). They have set up a speci...

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Pogue's Top Ten new product features of 2006

David Pogue, tech columnist at the New York Times, has listed his favorite product features of 2006. This list is all about the small touches on products that really make you think that someone thought about these items before they tried selling them. One Apple feature made it on the list, and I mus...

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Three stories I hope will go away in 2007

Soon 2006 will be but a memory in our collective. There were many highlights, and we'll be focusing on them soon enough, however I would like to take some time to point out a few stories that I hope I will no longer have to read about in 2007: The iPod phone, nee iPhone: This product hasn't been ...

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The real Leopard show-stopper? Developer goodies that weren't on stage

Reports are surfacing on the web that, while everything Apple showed on stage at WWDC 2006 was exciting and purty 'n all, the more exciting attractions are what wasn't shown on stage. AeroExperience, a Vista developer resource site (of all places), claims to have an exclusive list of many of the und...

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Will Australia get the first look at Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

Tim Gaden (of Hawk Wings fame) has written an interesting article for his 'day job' column at APC Magazine about the possibility of our friends down under getting a first peek at Apple's forthcoming update to Mac OS X, 10.5 Leopard. Apparently, Apple has sent emails stating that they will be preview...

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Apple Expo 2006 registration now open

Apple Expo 2006, the Apple shindig in Paris, has started accepting registration. If you plan on being in Paris between September 12 - 16th you should check it out. I mean, there isn't that much to do in Paris anyway, so you might as well hang out with some other Macheads. Thanks, Nik....

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Windows Vista delayed - again

I almost decided not to post this on the grounds that a lot of us probably won't be surprised, but then I figured it might still be good for a laugh. A friend passed me an article at CNET which reports that Vista has been delayed yet again to January 2007. Windows chief Jim Allchin explained that a ...

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Cringley's crystal ball

Robert X. Cringely wraps each year with a set of tech predictions for the year ahead. Last year he was a bit off his game, but that hasn't stopped him from taking a stab at what lies ahead for a variety of tech players in 2006. His top three predictions involve Apple and are intriguing to say the le...

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My first Macworld, Pre-show and Keynote

Having never been to a Macworld before, let alone San Francisco, I thought I'd let those of you who have never been here in on some first impressions. First off, San Francisco is quite an amazing town. The people have been fantastic, the food, the architecture, and so on. But this isn't a travel blo...

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iLounge announces their 2006 Best of Show recipients

The Macworld Expo wraps up on Friday, and the folks at iLounge have identified the stand-out products that make up their 2006 Best of Show list. They are, in no particular order: Altec Lansing inMotion iM9 Speakers Garageband 3 with Podcast Studio iPod Radio Remote Belkin TuneTalk St...

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