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Tag: 2008

Confirmed: Game Center for 2nd gen iPod touch, not iPhone 3G

Good news for 2nd generation iPod touch users! As reported by AppleInsider and MacDailyNews, the 2nd generation iPod touch will be compatible with Game Center, Apple's new gaming and social networking application, but the iPhone 3G will not. Other compatible iOS devices are the 3rd and 4th gener...

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2008 Best App Ever awards voting is underway

The nominations are out and voting has begun for the "Best App Ever" awards for 2008, recognizing the best iPhone and iPod touch apps of the year. Nominations have already happened -- the public submitted almost 18,000 nominations, and a panel of developers and experts was assembled to finalize the ...

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Microsoft updates Office 2008, Office 2004

Today, Microsoft released updates for both Office 2008 for Mac, and Office 2004. These two updates fix several vulnerabilities within Office and add improvements. Microsoft Office 2008 Update 12.1.5 This update contains several improvements to enhance stability, compatibility, and performance. I...

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New Rolando trailer says release in December

Last we heard from Rolando, perhaps the iPhone game we're most excited to play, ng:moco had announced that they were still aiming for a release date of "Holiday 2008." And now it's looking like that holiday is Christmas rather than Thanksgiving, because over on their site, they've put up a new vid...

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Office 2008 for Mac updated to 12.1.1

Microsoft has released a "critical" Office 2008 update, 12.1.1, which "contains several improvements to enhance stability and performance." Several issues are fixed with the updates, including charting problems, Entourage crashing when the computer wakes from sleep, and issues regarding converting d...

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TUAW predicts WWDC '08: How did we do?

The dust has settled from the stampede of announcements from yesterday's WWDC Keynote so it's time to take a look back at our predictions and see how we did! First, let's take a look at what was released at this year's WWDC: Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) seeds for developers MobileMe iPhone...

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TUAW predicts WWDC '08

With WWDC right around the corner, the bloggers at TUAW have compiled a list of predictions for WWDC '08. While we are not sure what will be released, this is a fun list of what we think might be coming, or things that we really want. Be sure to voice your predictions in the comments, and by taking ...

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Happy Birthday, Apple

The year is 1976, two high school students young guys (Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs) are in their garage working on their latest invention: the Apple I. Almost 200 of these machines were built before the fruity little company known as Apple Computer became a reality. Fast forward to April 1, 2008...

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Mac Automation: automating Microsoft Excel 2008

This is the second part of Mac Automation: automating Microsoft Office 2008. In this how-to, I will show you how to create an importer for Microsoft Excel 2008. This importer will allow you to type text in (or other text editor) and import it into an Excel file. For this automation, you...

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New Year's resolutions: Mac style

Now that it's 2008, time to write down those New Year's resolutions; and why not use your Mac to make sure you stick to them this year! Here's a list of apps that will help you manage your resolutions, and hopefully keep them too: Anxiety (donationware; get organized with to-do management) Ch...

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iPhone wins awards, will win a lot more before 2008

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the year, and that means it's almost time for everyone to announce their "best tech product of the year" awards. Gadget website T3 has gotten an early start, and not surprisingly, Apple walked all over everyone else, with the iPhone grabbing tons of awar...

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New QuickBooks for Mac coming in 2008

QuickBooks 2008 apparently was released this week by Inuit-- unfortunately, this makes the release of the Windows client only. Macworld, however, is reporting that if QuickBooks is your thing, you've only got a few more months to wait. Intuit is still planning to release a version of QB 2008 for Mac...

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Follow Up: Hillary-as-Big-Brother authored on a Mac

"Hi. I'm Phil. I did it. And I'm proud of it...I made the 'Vote Different' ad," said Philip de Vellis on this recent Huffington Post writeup. A "proud Democrat" and Obama supporter, deVellis authored the Hillary-as-Big-Brother ad on his personal Macintosh, uploaded it to YouTube and passed the link...

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