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Tag: 2010

Comparing Apple and RIM smartphone numbers for the past year

There's been a lot of back and forth lately about Apple and RIM and their smartphone sales -- of course, with the iPhone, Apple has laid claim on the "new and shiny" market. But RIM continues to be huge, with lots of users still stuck on the BlackBerry and its various services. Jim Dalrymple at...

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New MacBook Pro benchmarks show marked improvement

Primate Labs snagged the latest Geekbench 2 results for the new MacBook Pros and compared the benchmarks to previous generation models. Good news for those planning to grab a latest generation model. The results show a big jump in performance for the MacBook Pros with the new quad-core Sandy Br...

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Apple is Barron's most respected company for second year running

In what should be no surprise to anyone who follows the tech sector, Apple has been named Barron's most respected company for the second year running. Barron's annual most respected list is compiled from a survey of money managers who can recommend any company in the world for the top honors. Not on...

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2010 in review: Rise of iOS

Here, in no particular order, are some of the top stories we saw in 2010. The year was packed with Apple announcements, some planned and one unplanned. The real standout this year was iOS coming into its own. This year's WWDC was all about iOS, for example. The Apple TV now runs iOS. iOS 4.2 breath...

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Michael's Best of Tech 2010 list

It's time for that honored tradition that's inescapable at the end of every year: the annual best/worst lists. But I'm generally a positive kind of guy, so I'm just going to share my "best of" part of the list. Below you'll find my selections for the best of tech that I used in 2010. Some of the ...

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CNN says Apple's "antennagate" biggest tech fail of 2010

CNN has a list of their biggest tech "fails" of 2010, and the number one spot is the iPhone 4 antenna issue, aka "antennagate." Perhaps it was inevitable that the hubris of Apple's past decade would eventually catch up with the company. Antennagate, as you may recall, was the issue around a precipi...

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A video retrospective of Apple in 2010

This quick video retrospective of Apple's fares and fortunes in the past year is pretty good. From the introduction of the iPad to the new MacBook Air and the release of the Beatles on iTunes, this is a very nice little walk through 2010 from Apple's point of view. It's been one heck of a year f...

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Goldman Sachs resumes Apple coverage, targets AAPL at $430

Investing firm Goldman Sachs has decided to start covering Apple's stock profile, and that news sent the AAPL stock price up to $325.06 this morning, a nice boost from the day before. And that's not all -- not only did Goldman Sachs pull AAPL into its reporting fold, but it was about as bullish as ...

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Apple lists top iPhone, iPad apps of 2010

As we reported earlier, Apple has highlighted the best of iTunes from 2010. Their showcase reveals their picks for the best movies, music, podcasts, audio books and apps for the last 12 months. For those of you who don't want to scroll through iTunes' rather cumbersome app navigation system, B...

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Homemade Angry Birds costumes take flight

We've seen Steve Jobs and an iPhone so far, and here come some Angry Birds costumes, from the hit iPhone game. These were all made by crafters (from what looks like fabric, felt, and plastic), and some of them look pretty elaborate. I like the pig costume the best, although dressing yourself in a c...

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iPhoto '11 brings huge updates to printing, full screen, Facebook sharing

Apple has announced a new version of iPhoto in iLife '11, and it brings a boatload of new features to the table, including: Full screen browsing of all Events, Albums, Maps, and pretty much everything else. "Smart" slideshows that use your location information from Places to create dynamic sho...

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TUAW First Look: Flick Baseball Pro

Freeverse has released the latest title in their Flick Sports series, and Flick Baseball Pro is now out on the App Store for $2.99. We got a quick hands-on with the game right after release, and while it's a pretty good arcade-style baseball simulation, there are a few quirks and missing features t...

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Apple 2010 Q1 earnings announced... and they're magnificent

Apple's press release discussing the FY10 Q1 earnings (the December '09 calendar quarter) has been transmitted to the ether, and the SEC has the form 10-Q. You can read the whole thing at Apple's investor relations page, but let us sum up: goodness gracious. Earnings per share (under GAAP rules) wer...

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Rumor: New iPhone by April

You TUAW readers came up with a long list of features for a possible iPhone 4.0, and now it turns out you might not even have to wait too long for a new revision. A few overseas providers of the iPhone have hinted that a brand new version of the handset could be coming out as soon as April of this y...

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SnapTax allows you to do your taxes on your iPhone

It's a new year, which means that in a few months, taxes will come due yet again. So why not get a head start on them with your iPhone -- there is, it turns out, an app for that. TurboTax has an app coming out called SnapTax that promises to make taxes easy. All you do is take a picture of your W2...

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