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Tag: 2011

Apple's 2011 MacBook Pro graphics woes lead to class action lawsuit

If you are one of the thousands of owners of a 2011 MacBook Pro who quickly found yourself with visual artifacts and other graphical glitches stemming from faulty hardware, you'll be interested to know that a class action lawsuit related to the matter has been filed in the hopes of reimbursing con...

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6.5 million downloads for Angry Birds on Christmas Day

Rovio says that it saw a whopping 6.5 million downloads of Angry Birds this past Christmas Day, which is just phenomenal, even for this overwhelmingly popular game. That number is very close to the number of iOS and Android devices activated overall, which means that most people who got an iPho...

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2011 boasts record holiday season for online shopping, especially from mobile devices

2011 has only just ended, but I have a sneaking suspicion that even when we look back on it in another 12 months from now, we'll find a pretty revolutionary year in terms of the quality and quantity of our shopping. For example, UI expert and project leader Luke Wroblewski has compiled a list o...

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Talkcast tonight 10pm ET: Reviewing the year that was

It's time again for the TUAW Talkcast! We'll be live on our usual TalkShoe meeting place, podcast fates and bandwidth permitting, starting at 10 pm Eastern time. Given the calendar alignment this year, with both Christmas and New Year's Eve falling on our normal Sunday chatterbox timeslot, this...

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Barbara Walters names Steve Jobs most fascinating person of 2011

This probably isn't the most important honor Steve Jobs has ever picked up, but Barbara Walters has named Apple's co-founder as the most fascinating person of 2011, as reported by USA Today. Unfortunately the article doesn't actually tell us why, instead focusing reality show personalities, onl...

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MacTech 2011 pulls in huge attendance, videos available now

MacTech Conference 2011 was held this week in Los Angeles, California, and since last year, this conference has definitely grown. There were almost twice as many people as last year's event, says MacTech publisher Neil Ticktin, reaching a total of almost 350 people. There were plenty of great s...

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360iDev: Getting ready for apps on the Apple TV

Developer Michael Gile took the stage at 360iDev in Denver to talk about the next generation of iOS development: Apple TV app development. Apple hasn't officially released or even announced iOS apps on the Apple TV yet, but that hasn't stopped Gile and a community of jailbreakers from diving in...

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360iDev: How to make money from a free app

Developer Brian Robbins from Riptide Games gave a fascinating talk today about the apparent paradox of trying to make money off of a free app on Apple's App Store. Originally the App Store had only the two choices of a free or paid release. More recently, developers have a bevy of options for b...

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360iDev Denver: Matt Drance on the past and future of iOS development

This week's 360iDev conference in Denver, CO kicked off today with a keynote from former Apple employee Matt Drance, who offered a summary of what's changed (and what hasn't) since the last time he spoke to this conference two years ago. He also discussed the attitudes developers need to take t...

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Gartner: Apple's global mobile phone share almost doubled in Q2 2011

Gartner's numbers were released for the second quarter in 2011 and Apple continues to show strong growth. The smartphone manufacturer is number four globally in the mobile phone market trailing Nokia, Samsung and LG. Its market share almost doubled from last year, climbing from 2.4 in 2011. Th...

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Analyst ups AAPL on strong projected iPad, iPhone sales

Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley remains bullish on Apple pointing to strong iPhone and iPad sales in June. He's so confident in Apple that he boosted his iPhone sales estimate from 75.5 million million to 77.3 million in 2011. He also predicts Apple will sell a whopping 100.2 milli...

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Comparing Apple and RIM smartphone numbers for the past year

There's been a lot of back and forth lately about Apple and RIM and their smartphone sales -- of course, with the iPhone, Apple has laid claim on the "new and shiny" market. But RIM continues to be huge, with lots of users still stuck on the BlackBerry and its various services. Jim Dalrymple at...

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New MacBook Pro benchmarks show marked improvement

Primate Labs snagged the latest Geekbench 2 results for the new MacBook Pros and compared the benchmarks to previous generation models. Good news for those planning to grab a latest generation model. The results show a big jump in performance for the MacBook Pros with the new quad-core Sandy Br...

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iPhone alarms may fail to activate on New Year's Day

If you're using your iPhone or iPod touch as your primary alarm clock, it might be time to reconsider. In 2010, Apple had well-publicized difficulties with the switchover to Daylight Saving Time. Alarms failed to go off at their proper times, causing thousands of people in the Southern Hemisphere t...

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Rumor: New iMacs and MacBook Pros in the first half of 2011

This rumor is like saying it will rain somewhere in the world during the first half of 2011, but DigiTimes reports that Apple will launch new MacBook Pros and iMacs in the first half of next year. The iMac was last updated in July 2010, and the MacBook Pros last received an update way back in April...

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