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Cocos2D 2.0 available now

After months of testing, the team behind the latest version of the extremely popular Cocos2D game engine for iOS has released version 2.0 of the framework, and it's available for download right now. The framework isn't completely compatible with version 1.0, so devs currently using the previous...

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DeepWorld is a 2D Minecraft-alike coming to Mac and iOS

If you threw a bunch of gaming catchwords in a hat and then pulled them out one by one and put them in order, you might have an approximate description for the upcoming Deepworld. It's a 2D, steampunk, post-apocalyptic sandbox MMO, with Minecraft-style creation, and block graphics that open up to ...

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PadRacer lets you draw your own track, join two iPads together and steer with iPhones

Retro 2D top-down racing is enjoying somewhat of a comeback thanks to the iPad. The large screen and adaptable control schemes mean that games like Micro Machines are once again fun to play on a portable screen. PadRacer is one such top-down racing game that takes retro to a whole new level a...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pix'n Love Rush

I first heard about Pix'n Love Rush about a month ago from my colleague, JC.Fletcher, who described it as "a short, nervous, ristretto version of a platformer ... a sort of crossover between Mario and WarioWare, with a pinch of Galaxian and a hint of Game & Watch." And now that it's out on the ...

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Gamesalad supports iPad game development

The folks over at Gamesalad have announced that they're releasing iPad functionality on their super-simple game development platform. They've already offered an iPhone development service for just 99 dollars, and now their system will export games directly to the iPad in the same type of way. I'...

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Toy Bot Diaries drops to 99 cents, is giving away $10,000

Toy Bot Diaries is a fun little series of platforming games with a physics twist -- you probably saw it on those early iPod touch gaming commercials. It features a little robot jumping around levels with a grappling hook and some magnetic boots. If you haven't picked it up yet, now's the time to do ...

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Widget Watch: DockDoctor lets you choose your Dock's dimensions

First we tweaked the app indicators, and then we tweaked the color, and now we've finally come all the way back in our Time Machine (oh yes, pun very intended) to two weeks ago. Innermind Media, the folks behind WidgetWizard, are probably a little angry at Leopard, considering all that Web Clip fu...

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