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Productivity Tip: Time for timers

Every day you have the same 24 hours as the rest of us to get what is likely a crushing amount of work done and out of your way so you can spend some time relaxing. Or, as one author has framed it, you have 168 hours in a week to accomplish what you want and move forward toward your goals. Ho...

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Daily iPhone App: 30/30 helps you time your tasks

Binary Hammer's 30/30 is a timer app for people who need to get lots of things done in a short period of time. The app lets you set up several consecutive tasks and allocate the time you need to get each one done. The app keeps track of the elapsed time and will alert you when you need to finis...

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30/30 app asks you to pay what you want

Well, this is clever! There's a nifty app called 30/30 that allows you to pay 3 different prices for it. How? All are in-app purchases, but don't really unlock anything. It's not a donation, which isn't allowed, because the developer isn't a non-profit and you are paying them for the shareware. I...

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