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CES 2012 Flashback: Seth Green's favorite 3 apps

Last year we ran into Seth Green at CES and asked him his favorite 3 apps. As we reported later, Shodogg (an app Green has invested in) is an app for easily sharing videos across devices wirelessly. We're at CES this year and will keep you posted on any cool products we find. ...

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My top 3 apps: Rod Roddenberry

Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the final Space Shuttle launch and all episodes of Star Trek the original series, Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise become available via streaming on Netflix. Earlier today our daily Mac app was Time, a clock which simulates the LCARS interface on your Ma...

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Top 3 iPhone apps: Gedeon Maheux

This week's top 3 apps features Gedeon Maheux, a designer (and one of the founders) at Iconfactory, the company behind App Store hits like Ramp Champ, Astronaut and Twitterrific among other applications for iOS and your Mac. We asked him his top iPhone apps (aside from those awesome Iconfactory...

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Top 3 iPhone apps: director Axel Braun

This is the latest installment in TUAW's Top 3 Apps; click the link to see other interviews. I ran into Axel in Las Vegas back in January, as CES and the Adult Entertainment Expo overlap. Yes, Axel is an adult video auteur, but that's not all. The son of Lasse Braun, who helped legalize porno...

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Top 3 iPhone apps: Paul Kent

Paul Kent might as well be called Mr. Macworld, having designed the conference in 1997. Paul's experience creating events for Mac users dates all the way back to year the Mac debuted. We caught up with him in front of our booth at Macworld this year, and he let us know his "best" 3 apps (listed...

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Top 3 iPhone apps: Chris Foresman

We ran into "Karaoke Wizard" and writer for Ars Technica Chris Foresman at Macworld Expo, and asked his favorite 3 iPhone apps. He told us the ones he uses the most: EnjoySudoku Twitter Plants vs. Zombies Each weekend we bring you the top 3 iPhone apps of people from around the world. S...

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My top 3 apps: David Chartier

David Chartier once served as a blogger and editor right here on TUAW (amongst other Weblogs, Inc. properties), and he's now an Associate Editor at Macworld. We caught up with him at Macworld Expo where our own Kelly Guimont asked him his "favorite" 3 iPhone apps. The apps: OmniFocus Tumb...

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My top 3 apps: Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood is a magician (he doesn't pull rabbits out of hats -- he's a "bizarre" magician more likely to pull a card out of his abdomen or eat fire) and host of Scam School and NSFW. We caught up with Brian at CES in January, and he told us his top 3 apps. Brian's apps are: Livestrong...

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My top 3 apps: Tom Merritt

Tom Merritt knows his apps. As anchor of Tech News Today for the TWiT network, he sees his fair share of great tech. We caught up with Tom back in January at CES and asked his "top" 3 apps -- they happened to be the ones he uses the most. Apps discussed: Twitter TripIt Fruit Ninja...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: Sam Levin of AppMinute

As a guy who regularly checks apps for a living (on AppMinute), Sam Levin knows which apps work and which ones don't so when he recommends and app, you know he's using it. This week Sam tells us his ever-rotating list of top 3 apps (again, called his favorites, but they happen to be often-used)...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: Kai Cherry

Another installment of "3 apps" this week as we talk to Kai Cherry, iOS Imagineer at Getaround. Kai is a Mac and iPhone developer and a frequent commenter and guest on the TUAW Talkcast. This time we asked what his "favorite" 3 apps were, but as he couldn't reveal one of them, he noted that one o...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: Angry Mac Bastards [NSFW]

If you've never heard the Angry Mac Bastards podcast you may not be aware (although you may have guessed from the title of their show) that there is some "salty" language, if you will. Who are we kidding? Profanity permeates their show. The swearing is resplendent in this week's installment of "3 ...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: John Gruber

Time for this week's "Three Apps" video! We caught up with the Daring Fireball himself, John Gruber, at Macworld and asked what his favorite or most-used iPhone apps were. As a highly productive and insightful writer, his answers weren't surprising. Apps discussed: Simplenote, Instagram and Bo...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: T-Pain

We're starting a new series at TUAW called "My top 3 iPhone apps" -- and to kick it off, we're starting with rapper T-Pain. We caught up with the Auto-Tune master himself at CES promoting the I Am T-pain microphone, based on the popular iPhone app. He let us know his top three iPhone apps; one of...

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