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Talking to Siri: Energizing

Stand still! Do you intend to travel using... WiFi or 3G? Steven Sande and Erica Sadun have been working on the third edition of Talking to Siri, the book that covers all the ins and outs of everyone's favorite digital assistant....

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Original 3G iPad owners get eligibility claim forms for proposed settlement

Yesterday, those who had ordered an original 3G-enabled iPad on or before June 7, 2010, received an email outlining the details of a proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit. As you may recall, AT&T offered unlimited iPad data plans when the tablet first appeared in 2010, but quickly pull...

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Tim Cook meets with China Mobile chairman

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua on Tuesday to "discuss matters of cooperation," according to Reuters. The meeting is thought to be a step towards the Chinese wireless carrier offering the iPhone to its customers, though no official statement was released rega...

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Apple takes fifth spot in Chinese smartphone market

In the world's largest smartphone market -- China -- Apple's share rose in the first quarter of 2013 to make the company the fifth largest vendor. Numbers from research firm Canalys show that the release of the iPhone 5 and price cuts on older iPhone models drove growth of Apple's sales. Apple's ...

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Apple wins one against Samsung in Japanese court

The lastest round of fighting between Apple and Samsung goes to the Cupertino Kid. A Japanese court ruled favorably for Apple in a suit filed by Samsung alleging that Apple had misused 3G wireless patents in several versions of the iPhone. As noted by Apple Insider, Samsung's lawsuit in this ...

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Ditching the iPhone? Planning for 2013

Ever since the iPad mini debuted, I've had a plan brewing at the back of my mind. Sometime in 2013, I'm considering ditching my iPhone, picking up a refurb 1st gen iPad mini 3G (I assume I won't be putting this plan into action until the spring at the earliest), and buying a cheap Tracfone with t...

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iOS 6: FaceTime over cellular

With iOS 6, FaceTime gets a feature that it arguably should have had from day one: FaceTime now works over a cellular connection, not just WiFi. That's assuming you have the right device, and assuming your carrier allows FaceTime over 3G/LTE without making you jump through hoops first. *cough*AT&...

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South Korea investigating Apple's antitrust complaints of Samsung

Samsung and Apple are engaged in a bitter legal battle over patents both here in the US and overseas. Besides court cases like the high-profile one in the Northern District of California, Apple and Samsung are also taking their complaints to the FTC and other, smaller regulatory boards. Accordi...

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Could AT&T's blockage of FaceTime be an FCC violation?

Yesterday, TUAW noted that AT&T is planning on blocking Apple's iOS 6 FaceTime video calling app over cellular service except for those individuals who have signed up for one of the company's new "Mobile Share" plans. A few websites are now wondering aloud if AT&T's plans to proceed in ...

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FaceTime over cellular from AT&T will only be available to Mobile Share customers

AT&T announced on Friday that it will offer FaceTime over Cellular at no additional cost to customers who are subscribed to a Mobile Share plan, says a report in Engadget. Customers who stay on a grandfathered unlimited plan or a tiered plan will be limited to using FaceTime over a WiFi con...

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Sprint won't charge for 3G FaceTime

One new feature that iOS 6 brings to the table is FaceTime calling over 3G. The fact that it runs on a cellular network puts carriers in the position of potentially regulating the video calling app. Unlike AT&T which is on the fence, Sprint has confirmed it will not charge for access to the...

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AT&T responds to rumor of paid 3G FaceTime

FaceTime over 3G will finally bring Apple's video calling tech to cellular networks, but will it cost you extra? According to AT&T's CEO, "it's too early to talk about pricing." I'm guessing that's business talk for "we'll see if it costs us too much money to support and then decide." Remember...

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Verizon Wireless to transition grandfathered customers from unlimited data plans

Speaking at a J.P. Morgan Conference, Verizon Wireless CFO Fran Shammo revealed that the carrier plans to transition its grandfathered customers off their unlimited data plans, says a report in Fierce Wireless. Shammo confirmed that, starting this summer, customers moving from a 3G phone with a...

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15 suggestions for iOS 6

I've been writing these posts for the last couple of years, usually always before WWDC, as mini roundups of what I, my colleagues, and readers want to see in the next iOS release. However, as releases go on it gets harder and harder to put together lists of major features I'd like to see in the...

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Malaysia's Maxis Bhd to offer iPad data plans

Malaysia's Maxis Bhd has announced that it will be offering the data plans for Apple's iPad, starting as soon as this week. The iPad will take advantage of the company's recent carrier upgrades (presumably, since we're talking about the iPad, it's a 3G network) and will "double the download and...

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