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Greg Joswiak explains iPhone missing features

ExtremeTech managed to score an interview with Apple's vice president of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak where he discusses some of the tradeoffs of the 3G iPhone. He explains that cut and paste didn't make it into iPhone 2.0 just because they didn't get to it, judging "other things to be mo...

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3G iPhone under the hood

A while back we noted that iFixit had completely broken down a 3G iPhone to see what was inside. Now TechOnline has a report about exactly what makes it tick and they've managed to identify all the important chips on the iPhone's mainboard to get some insight into Apple's design choices. They not...

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iPhone 3G screens made "warmer"

The great 320 x 480 screen was among the things that didn't change with the 3G iPhone, or so we thought. Some of the lucky folks who managed to snag a 3G iPhone have noticed that the screen on the new model seems to be slightly yellowish compared to the original iPhone. Now Engadget is reporting tha...

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Found Footage: Flixwagon iPhone Vidcasting

One thing I'm sure a lot of iPhone fans were upset about this week was the lack of an announcement of video broadcasting capability in the 3G iPhone. I mean, OMG, how else are we supposed to make obsessive fan videos of Britney Spears?! Don't worry, the brilliant folks at Flixwagon are demonstr...

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(Not) Faked photos of 3G iPhone

The folks at iLounge provided us with a link to real photos of a 3G iPhone body, along with commentary on the new design. It's refreshing to finally see actual photos of the new iPhone instead of badly Photoshopped mockups. One close-up of the back of the black 3G iPhone shows that the material bein...

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3G or not 3G: WHERE is the question

With all of the excitement about the 3G iPhone, one question you should ask yourself is "Am I actually in an area with AT&T HSDPA 3G service?" After all, a 3G iPhone will only poke along at EDGE (or even, God forbid, GPRS) speeds unless it is in a 3G service area. Fortunately, AT&T Wire...

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Jobs WWDC keynote all but confirmed

While there still hasn't been an official announcement from Apple (as of this writing), Fortune has reported that Steve Jobs will don the black shirt and blue jeans to deliver a keynote address on June 9, kicking off WWDC '08. It's not a surprise, of course, as Steve typically talks during the show....

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iPhone is 'unavailable' in UK and US Apple stores; 3G release imminent?

As many of our intrepid readers have pointed out, iPhones are unavailable at the online Apple Store in both the US and the UK. As we mentioned earlier in the week, cell carrier and Apple retail stores on both continents are reportedly facing shortages as well. With all the buzz surrounding the 3...

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