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Possible evidence that Leopard could bring true iPhone apps

Our little blue and green TUAW tipster birdie is chirpin' again, and this time the news could make both developers and consumers happy if everything pans out. From what we hear, evidence has been found that references to the ARM architecture appear in several of Leopard's standard include files, suc...

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Apple announces 3rd parties can write Web 2.0 apps for iPhone

Along with all the Mac OS X-related announcements at WWDC today, Apple also announced a solution, of sorts, to the 3rd party apps conundrum surrounding the iPhone. Since the device's announcement at Macworld '07 earlier this year, one of the largest questions everyone had for Apple was whether the...

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Developers unleash exclusive offers for MacHeist participants

One of the appeals of MacHeist that a few participating developers cited for their participation is residual sales. Things like upgrade licenses, extra plugins and add-ons can all be big boosts to a 3rd party developer's revenue, and some of MacHeist's participating devs have certainly hit the groun...

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10 Mac OS X Finder alternatives compared and reviewed

While the Mac community anxiously awaits a much-rumored and much-needed Finder update in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Simplehelp decided to survey the landscape of 3rd party alternatives for a temporary fix. A total of 10 Finder replacements are reviewed, with a chart that rounds up the basics, and plenty...

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