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iPhone OS 4.0 Secrets: Hidden iPod application hints at automobile integration

An TUAW informant has slipped us some video showcasing a new application built into iPhone OS 4.0. Apparently bundled with iPods and iPhones, the new application transforms the iPhone screen into a simple remote control which is used to manipulate a menu system that's fed out via a video lead. Th...

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Dear Apple: What we want to see in iPhone 4.0, part 3

Even with rumors swirling that iPhone OS 4.0 will be previewed on Wednesday (along with some tablet thingy), chances are the OS won't be finalized until early summer, so there's still plenty of time for Apple to take your suggestions....

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Apple seeds Safari 4.0 dev preview 2

Apple has started seeding developers with Safari 4.0 preview 2. You may recall that the last developer preview was issued in June after the WWDC. Safari 4.0 DP2 has a build number of 40A12. Just like the last build, this edition scored a perfect 100/100 on the Acid3 test. Developers with access to t...

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MacJournal 4.0 beta

MacJournal 3.x went Universal just last month, but Dan Schimpf, its developer, has made a 4.0 beta available on the MacJournal Development Blog. The list of changes, updates and fixes in 4.0 is long, as Dan talks about in-depth in this entry, but the biggest new features by far sounds like a major f...

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