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Apple TV 4.1 update also coming today

It only makes sense: the AirPlay video streaming features of iOS 4.2 on the iPad are all well and good, but there's no way to use them effectively if the Apple TV doesn't get a version bump along with the mobile devices. Sure enough, AppleInsider notes that 4.1 for the Apple TV should be coming alon...

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Sound the klaxons: iOS 4.1 now available for download

As announced last week, the new version of the firmware should fix some deeply annoying issues (if you've inadvertently muted or hung up a call with your earlobe, raise your hand). It also adds Game Center, HDR photos, high-def video uploading, TV show rentals and dramatic improvements to the lot of...

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Game Center is live... mostly

iPhone developers report that Apple's Game Center has finally gone live. Formerly limited to a sandbox-only development environment, accounts and friends that were created for the sandbox will not apply to the live production system on Apple's servers. Game Center is now prompting for new credentia...

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