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Three UK switches on its 4G network, gives users free calls, text and data in the US

If you're an iPhone owner on the Three network in the UK, you're about to get a double helping of good news. First, Three has quietly begun switching on its 4G network in select locations in the UK as of yesterday. The company is expected to officially make the announcement of its 4G activation to...

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Dutch telco KPN's 4G network is ready for iPhone 5c, 5s

Later this month, on October 25, Apple's latest smartphones will land in the Netherlands, and if you're a customer of KPN, one of the country's wireless providers, you'll be happy to hear that its network will indeed support 4G on both the iPhone 5s and 5c. KPN is currently leading the way in 4G i...

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Think before you switch carriers

With a new iPhone or two on the near horizon and plenty of people ready to buy one, there are probably a few million people who are also thinking about switching mobile carriers. Last year, when the iPhone 5 was the newest kid on the block, I decided that I was through with AT&T and I switched...

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Three rolling out its 4G network in the UK this December

Yesterday, both Vodafone and O2 in the UK switched on their 4G networks in select cities throughout the country -- a full 10 months after the UK's first 4G provider, EE, did. And while the wait has been long for some 4G competition, it's now nice to have some options here. However, perhaps a littl...

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O2, Vodafone launching 4G in the UK on August 29

Up until now, those with an iPhone 5 or compatible iPad who wanted 4G service in the UK could only get it from one provider: EE. But thankfully that will change at the end of the month, as O2 and Vodafone have announced they will be offering 4G service in the UK come August 29. On O2, 4G will at ...

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iPhone owners in the UK get more 4G coverage through EE

The UK is trailing behind other countries when it comes to 4G availability. Right now there's only one mobile operator -- EE -- offering 4G. That's set to change by the end of the year when virtually every carrier in the UK will offer the super-fast mobile internet service. But if you're already o...

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EE expands UK 4G coverage to 11 new markets

Sadly for iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad owners, 4G coverage has been slow to roll out in the UK. Currently if you want 4G, there is only one player in the whole country -- EE. Even EE's 4G service isn't available in many parts of the UK. But thankfully as of last week, the telecoms company e...

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AT&T rolls out 4G to 35 new US markets

This week AT&T announced that it has rolled out its 4G network to 35 new US markets. The rollout will of course be a huge benefit to anyone in those markets who owns an iPhone 5 or the latest iPad equipped with 4G LTE. AT&T says it plans to expand 4G to another 45 markets this summer. For ...

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A glimpse of the future: 5G wireless technology in the labs now

Over the past few years, 4G LTE wireless networks that can handle download and upload speeds of up to 75 megabits per second (Mbps) have become increasingly more commonplace. Still, it takes a long time to download movies, and streaming video can be a challenge on today's handsets. Yonhap News rep...

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China Mobile will spend $6.7 billion on 4G network, preparing for next-gen iPhone?

As reported by Reuters, China Mobile has announced it will inject US$6.7 billion into upgrading its network to 4G TD-LTE technology. The announcement comes as part of a wider $30.1 billion upgrade as well as anticipation that Apple's next iPhone will arrive on its network, supporting the 4G TD-LTE...

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Three UK bringing low cost 4G to your iPhone

Three has announced that low-cost 4G networks in the UK will soon be a reality. The 4G LTE standard has been slow to roll out in the UK compared to other countries. Currently iPhone 5 owners in the UK (and owners of compatible WiFi+Cellular iPads and iPad minis) have just one option: the carr...

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T-Mobile enables iPhone-ready networks in additional cities

As we inch closer to the eventual launch of a T-Mobile iPhone in 2013, the company continues to upgrade its network in major markets. Today, it pushes its iPhone-compatible HSPA+ 4G offering to a handful of new metro areas including the following: Atlanta (including Roswell, Alpharetta, Marie...

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Apple reportedly testing carriers on LTE performance

Apple's stance on 4G LTE is rather well-known already, and the company's embrace of the technology was dependent on several factors, ranging from network speed to battery life. Now, Telecoms reports that not only is Cupertino strict about what carriers have access to the new iPhone 5, but wireless...

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T-Mobile expands its HSPA+ offering to 10 new areas

It might not be ready to unveil its 4G LTE capability until next year, but T-Mobile is giving customers in 10 new markets some extra speed with its 1900MHz HSPA+ offering. The newly upgraded service is now live in the following metro areas: Arizona Phoenix (including Tempe, Scottsdale, G...

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Sprint announces 4G LTE for 9 new cities

While Verizon and AT&T are busy locking horns in the battle over network supremacy, Sprint is doing its best to keep up. PC Magazine reports the third-largest wireless carrier revealed today that it has begun work on its 4G LTE network in nine new cities. The new markets include: Minne...

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