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500px for iOS updated with all-new edge-to-edge design

The popular 500px photo-sharing app has received a significant makeover with an all-new edge-to-edge design. Version 2.2 ditches the photo borders so you can see more of your photos on that beautiful Retina display. The update also adds several new swipe gestures, including the ability to swipe an...

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500px returns to the App Store

The embattled photo sharing service 500px has returned to the App Store after being pulled last week due to concerns over adult content. The app carries the same 17+ age rating that all internet-capable apps are required to carry, but now features a new reporting feature to quickly flag inappropri...

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500px yanked from App Store over nude photo concerns

You may already be familiar with the 500px photo sharing service, both in its web form and the official iOS app. If you're a fan of the latter, you'll be dismayed to learn that the app has been pulled down from Apple's App Store over concerns that it allows users to search for nude photos too easi...

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500px brings its gallery app to iPhone

500px continues to grow in popularity as a photography sharing and discovery site, and today's release of its official iPhone app should only help that momentum. Previously available only on iPad, the free app brings the ability to browse 500px's galleries of often stunning user- and editor-curat...

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