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Tag: 5th Avenue

Apple reveals new glass cube at 5th Avenue Apple Store

The revamped glass cube entrance of New York City's 5th Avenue Apple Store has been revealed. While the store didn't officially open until 10:00 AM Eastern time, work was finished on the cube earlier this morning, revealing the new, streamlined structure. According to the store's web page, it c...

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5th Avenue Apple Store new glass unloading: Video and pics

As astute TUAW readers know, the flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City is being renovated. The glass cube is being rebuilt, this time out of 15 huge panes of glass instead of the 90 that were in place. While construction is going on, the store is still open 24/7. One of our readers...

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5th Avenue Apple Store's iconic glass cube to be reinstalled

Apple has begun construction on the glass cube at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC. According to building permits, Apple is replacing the glass on the building and upgrading portions of the surrounding plaza. The renovations will cost a whopping US$6 million, which is just shy of the $7 mill...

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iPad 2 linewalk videos: NYC and Austin, TX

It's not high-concept, as videos go: an admittedly shaky walk around the block or down the street to gauge the number of hardy souls willing to stand and wait for something they could just as easily have shipped to their front door. Nevertheless, we salute the line-standers, and it is in thei...

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Fifth Ave. Apple Store recreated in Minecraft

The Minecraft Mac was cute and all, but if you think that was the pinnacle of Mac-related creations in Minecraft, you're underestimating our readership. Reader Simon sent along this set of Flickr pictures, which shows off an entire recreation of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, complete with glass cub...

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iPhone 4 Launch: Line gallery from 5th Avenue NYC store

We're eagerly awaiting tomorrow's iPhone 4 retail launch, even as the pre-orders begin to show up on desks and on doorsteps. Photographer Matthew Redmond is in line at the 5th Avenue NYC flagship store, and he's sending us pictures all through the day and night as the enthusiasm builds (and it be...

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Inside the 5th Ave Store & some retail tidbits

We're inside the 5th Avenue store and the fun continues, with stacks of iPad boxes on the counters, plenty of cases and accessories... and customers, customers, more customers. Gallery below. Some things we know now re. the retail situation: Yes, there was an all-hands call this morning, at l...

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iPad launch at Apple Store 5th Ave

Do the words "mob scene" mean anything to you? No, in fairness the walk-in and cheering was handled with the usual Apple retail aplomb, and buyers are merrily checking out now. Pictures from the launch below. We're also tweeting updates through the day. ...

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Found footage: the first guy in the iPad line at 5th Avenue Apple Store

It's not surprising at all that someone has already been sitting in front of the iconic 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. This video was posted this morning (April 1, 2010) and from the discussion with the person who is sitting there, he was in line yesterday. He kind of looks lonely, ...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: More pictures from the field

We snuck past the line into the glass cube, and got some pictures of the well-behaved crowd downstairs in the 5th Avenue store who were buying and activating their phones (and also checking out the new MacBook Pro lineup while they were there). Erica's in line at the Cherry Creek Mall in ...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Photos from 5th Avenue

Good morning! All day today we'll be updating with reports from iPhone 3G S purchasers around the country, both here and on Twitter. So far the lines seem modest and activation is reportedly going smoothly. Victor notes that AT&T store lines are short where he is and if you are not the primary a...

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Found Footage: Waiting in line for an iPhone 3G

Our good friends over at Engadget posted an exclusive interview from the line that is forming outside of the 5th Avenue Apple Store. In the video, they interview the first three people in line and ask them what they're doing. According to Daniel, the group leader, they are trying to "break a worl...

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5th Avenue Apple Store starts iPhone 3G line

GearDiary is reporting that a lineup of about 10 people started queuing up Friday for the iPhone 3G launch at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York. You may recall last year's 5th Avenue store queuing started about a week early as well. The iPhone 3G goes on sale at 8 a.m. on July 11th. The first ...

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Top 100 retail landmarks: Apple makes the list

RetailWeek recently compiled a list of the top 100 retail locations around the world. What did they find? Well, Apple holds two positions in their list: one for the 5th Avenue store (New York) and one for the Regent Street store (London). According to the list, the 5th Avenue store has all three ke...

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Apple's 5th avenue store elevator gets stuck

Not all visitors of the NYC 5th Avenue Apple Store are having the retail experience of their lives, as one group of customers were trapped in the glass elevator for 45 minutes. Ultimately, the hydraulic lines had to be leaked in order to lower the elevator down to the store where the NYPD had to pry...

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