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iPhone 4 Launch: More photos from 5th Ave

More moments & photos from the 5th Avenue store iPhone 4 launch, where they are taking about 40 pre-ordered customers for every 5 off of the walk-in line. We've got store reports coming in to our @ask_tuaw Twitter account, so if you've got a picture of the scene at your store, upload it to a ...

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iPhone 4 Launch: First customers entering 5th Ave Store

The cheering, the clapping, the credit checks and the service provisioning: it's iPhone 4 day in NYC, with the promise of sweltering temperatures encouraging those in line to get in and get finished as quick as they can. Video of the first customers above, gallery of the scene below. ...

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iPhone 4 Launch: 5th Ave Store Linewalk

When they say 'the line is around the block' -- well, this is the line, that's the block, and this is what it means. Hundreds of people -- much bigger than the iPad launch line or the 3GS, by my estimation -- lined up around the 5th Avenue block of the Apple Store, waiting for the iPhone 4. ...

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iPhone 4 Launch: CoCo drops in on the Apple Store line

It's New York City, people; deposed late-night talk show hosts are always walking around looking for a good time. Yes, the 5th Avenue Apple Store iPhone 4 line is officially on Team CoCo now after a brief visit from Conan O'Brien, captured here by reader Matthew Redmond. More pics from the waitin...

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Apple Store 5th Ave continues to defy gravity, macroeconomics

While the entire retail sector is in the doldrums of recession and reduced consumer demand, there's a shiny spot in midtown NYC with a big glass cube sitting on top of it. Apple's 5th Avenue store should replace that glowing Apple with a big ol' dollar sign, according to a report from Bloomberg News...

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