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Tag: 64-bit

Google releases 64-bit beta version of Chrome for Mac

Following the successful release of 64-bit Chrome for Windows earlier this week, Google has announced that it is bringing 64-bit support to Mac users through the Chrome beta channel. The new 64-bit version takes advantage of OS X's 64-bit architecture, offering performance and security improvemen...

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Apple asks developers to submit 64-Bit apps for iPhone 5s

Apple has posted a note on its Developer website asking developers to begin submitting apps optimized for the iPhone 5s' 64-bit A7 processor. From the note, titled "Submitting 64-bit apps": You can submit 64-bit apps for iOS 7 today that take advantage of the power of iPhone 5s. Xcode can build ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: HandBrake

Open-source software is a beautiful thing. It's free, community driven, and more often than not, incredibly useful. HandBrake, one of the best video converters around, is a classic example of great open-source software. The Swiss army knife of video converters and a perennial TUAW favorite, H...

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VMware Fusion 3 supercharged for Snow Leopard

The latest release of VMware's top-notch virtualization software "Fusion" has been announced and some of the new features are definitely worth taking a look. For the uninitiated, virtualization is the act of simulating a guest operating system while running a host operating system. Put simply, it al...

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A roundup of Snow Leopard-related software announcements

As our readers and staff are out buying copies of Mac OS X Snow Leopard today, we thought we'd also start rounding up news about software updates related to the OS update. We're getting a lot of emails today with news about Snow Leopard compatibility updates for applications, so we'll be listing the...

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Getting ready for Snow Leopard: Think about your applications

Ahhhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that tomorrow I will be spending much of the day upgrading the Macs in my house to Snow Leopard. I received an email from Apple this morning telling me that Snow Leopard had shipped, so now I just need to be available to sign for the package t...

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What Snow Leopard feature are you anticipating the most?

Now that we have the actual ship date for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (August 28th for those who haven't yet had a cup of coffee to wake them up), it's time to start thinking about what benefits you can gain from the newest member of Apple's cat family. Apple has told us from the start that Snow Leop...

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Apple, Adobe, and 64-bit Photoshop

Adobe's announcement that Photoshop CS4 will be 32-bit only on OS X has the Mac web buzzing today. Accusations of blame are being shot at both Adobe and Apple by various pundits (though notably not by the companies themselves). Fortunately, some of the better Mac pundits are also weighing in with i...

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Photoshop CS3 won't be 64-bit

Adobe will be releasing a 64-bit version of Photoshop, at some point. Photoshop CS3 is not going to be 64-bit despite some demand for it (64-bit apps can access more physical memory, amongst other things). Why? Adobe points to the lack of adoption of 64-bit technology by consumers. Tiger has limited...

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