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Tag: 8-bit

TUAW's Daily App: 8-bit Pocket Camera

The iPhone's camera has only gotten better over the years, with higher resolutions, better ways to deal with low lighting and brighter colors than ever. But here's an app that passes on all of that technology for a much more retro feel. The 8-bit Pocket Camera app is designed to take pictures...

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Pixelfari browser lets you surf like it's 1982

Not every app on your Mac has to be useful -- sometimes you just want to have a little retro fun. That's the idea behind Pixelfari, a free "pixely, 8-bitty" version of the Apple Safari web browser. The browser was the brainchild of Neven Mrgan, who brought us The Incident, a game for iOS and Mac...

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NES emulator on the App Store? Not anymore.

TUAW loves our iPhones and we love our NES games. We've been convinced for some time now they are two great tastes that would no doubt taste great together. Tonight I settled in to write a post about how exciting it was that you could play old school public-domain and freeware Nintendo games on your...

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Create an 8-bit masterpiece in Garageband

In my day videogame consoles had 8 bits and we liked it. Nintendo ruled the gaming landscape and Microsoft was no where to be seen. Ah, those were the days. Why am I going on about 8-bits games here on TUAW? Because Create Digital Music has discovered a plugin for Garageband that turns your Mac into...

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