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Pocket Planes gets a trailer, looks great

I first saw Pocket Planes, Nimblebit's next freemium title, running at GDC earlier this year. Being a huge fan of both Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower, I can't wait to see it in action on my iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the game's not out yet (it's still "coming soon"), but Nimblebit has release...

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3D printed Steve Jobs pixel bust for sale

For the Apple fan who has everything, here's a blockhead bust of Steve Jobs. It's been 3D printed by Dutch artist Metin Seven, and if the urge so hits you, you can buy your own online for just under $120. I'm not entirely sure what the bust is made out of, but 3D printing usually requires a mixture...

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TUAW's Daily App: Squareball

Squareball is a weird one; it's probably best described as a platforming game, except that you move the platforms rather than the jumper. The main character is a little white ball (or square in this case -- the game has a retro blocky pixel aesthetic) that constantly floats from top to bottom on th...

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