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Rumor: iPhone 3GS coming in 8GB size?

This morning's report from Electronista suggests that we may be seeing a slimmed-down capacity on the iPhone 3GS soon, taking over from the 8GB spot currently maintained by the $99 iPhone 3G holdover. A refurb buyer in Hamburg, Germany got a mixed-message box that contained the promised 3G phone bu...

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AT&T looking to sell an 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Boy Genius Report is claiming that two separate sources have told them that AT&T is looking to sell an 8GB iPhone 3GS for $99 US before Christmas. While this news wouldn't come as a shock, it would certainly take more than AT&T to make it happen. As most of you know, Apple doesn't make an 8G...

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Jobs unveils new iPod nano at "Let's Rock"

The rumors were true on this one, too -- there's a new iPod nano in town, and it's sporting that long, thin, somewhat rounded design that we've seen early on. There's a new widescreen that can be turned horizontally (thanks to a new built-in accelerometer, you can also "shake to shuffle"), and in th...

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German iPhone buyers get discounted 8GB handsets

Was is los in Deutschland heute? First the iTunes video store finally makes a German-language debut this week, and today we receive word via a T-Mobile press release that the first tiered-discount plan for iPhone purchases is now in effect. German buyers can take advantage of a limited-time offer (A...

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Scam or Not?: 8GB iPod nano upgrade

My compatriot Eliot and I tried to slog around the net this morning to figure out if this 8GB nano upgrade is a fraud. We are fairly sure that this is a complete fake (helped by the eBay strangeness and lack of proof photos). However, this did bring up a bit of a conundrum. We couldn't find pictures...

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