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Tag: 99 cents

WhatsApp says it has 250 million users

Mobile messaging app WhatsApp has hit a huge total of 250 million users, the company has told the Wall Street Journal. A couple of million users these days is no big deal, considering how big the smartphone audience has become, but 250 million users is significant. In fact, it's on par with Twit...

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Memorial Day brings lots of great sales on iOS games

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here in the US, most of us are celebrating a three-day weekend that also serves as the start of summer, which means BBQs, poolside hangouts and lots and lots of time in the sun. Oh, and it means one more thing these days: iOS game sales (all prices USD)! Card game ma...

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Carmageddon free, The Incident and more on sale

Just in time for the weekend, here's a few apps that have dropped their (already cheap) prices even lower, meaning that you've got plenty to play here for just a few bucks' worth (all prices USD). The PC classic turned iOS port Carmageddon has gone completely free for today only. The Inciden...

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EA launches its big holiday sale, more cheap apps as well

You knew this was coming. We've seen big App Store sales all week, and of course EA had to get in on the deals at some time. The company that essentially started the trend of big holiday sales is back, featuring tons of high profile apps for just a buck. Basically, if there's anything EA you wa...

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Daily iPhone App: Sleepwalker's Journey

Sleepwalker's Journey is a game that arrived a few months ago from 11 Bit Studios, the creators of the popular Anomaly: Warzone Earth (that's set for a sequel very soon). But while that game is a reverse tower defense title with military stylings and lots of gunfire and explosions, Sleepwalker'...

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Lots of apps on sale for Valentine's Day: Dungeon Defenders, Quarrel, more

Yes, it's Valentine's Day, but even if you're lonely and forlorn without love, there's good news: A bunch of iOS developers have put their apps on sale! The great Quarrel Deluxe is available for only 99 cents. Don't pass this one up if you haven't grabbed it yet -- it's a really quality word game...

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iOS deals begin, App Store freeze coming Thursday

And so it begins -- the App Store has its busiest time of the year over the Christmas holiday, when iPhones and iPads and iTunes gift cards are unwrapped under the Christmas tree, and millions of people take to the App Store to pick up some great apps. There are lots of sales coming out this we...

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Daily iPhone App: Pigs in Trees

If you're anything like me, you probably overlooked Pigs in Trees when it came out a little while ago, thinking it was more of an Angry Birds knockoff than anything else. And you'd be forgiven for thinking that -- it indeed features cute pigs fighting attacking birds, with lots of silly music a...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors

We've posted about Big Fish Games before. It's a casual gaming company that has produced a ton of titles for the PC already, and it's in the process of both bringing those over to iOS and creating an original library of titles for Apple's mobile devices. This weekend, Big Fish is having a sale ...

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Lots of App Store sales going on this weekend

I can't think of anything really special about this weekend (though GDC is coming up next week), but quite a few app developers have put their apps on sale for some reason. Here are some of the deals in Apple's App Stores this weekend: 148Apps has a list of free apps, including an intere...

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Valentine's Day specials coming to the App Store

Ah, Valentine's Day, when Spring is just around the corner, love is in the air, and ... iOS games are on sale for 99 cents? Apparently -- since the holiday is largely made up by gift card retailers anyway, a bunch of big iOS developers are putting their games on sale for just a buck over the weeken...

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TUAW's Daily App: Sally's Salon Luxury Edition

A few super popular games on the App Store have basically helped spawn the "time management" genre. Games like Diner Dash and Sally's Spa pioneered the genre, and Sally's Salon follows in that tradition. The game tasks you with moving cashier, stylist, and masseuse Sally around her salon, where she...

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Sega puts titles on sale for back-to-school, releases Phantasy Star II on iOS

Just in time for the days of, well, skipping out on video games and getting back to the books, Sega has decided to try and tempt you away from that schoolwork by dropping prices across the board on its iOS games. Golden Axe, Shining Force, Streets of Rage and Ecco the Dolphin are all on sale for ju...

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TUAW's Daily App: Corkbin

I've been trying (pretty unsuccessfully) to become a smarter wine drinker for a while now, and Corkbin might just push me over the top. This elegantly designed app is set up to help you track and chart the wines that you drink, learn how to classify them, and share reviews with friends and fellow iP...

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