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$99 iPad app dinged by Wired, drops price 90% for the day

We love a good App Store pricing story, and this one has a happy ending (mostly). Yesterday Wired picked up the scent of Autriv's SignMyPad Pro, which has a rather breathtaking price tag of $99. Since the non-pro version of the PDF-signing app -- which shares almost all its features -- is only $4...

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Apple's 9/9 event: the TUAW Liveblog

Update: That's all folks! We've got iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1, with scads of new features (app arrangement! Home sharing! iTunes LP!); also new capacities on the iPod touch, new iPod shuffle models, and the camera-equipped iPod nano. Join us at 1pm ET/10am PT for our liveblog of the Apple 9/9 ev...

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Does a $99 iPhone break the psychological barrier to buying?

Sure, the reduced price on the iPhone 3G 8GB model is swell, but is there something magical about 99 dollars? The AP story on yesterday's product announcements gets a quote from analyst Michael Gartenberg where he seems to think there may be some retail psychology at work: "Every $100 you move dow...

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AT&T sells $99 refurb iPhones until end of December

Just last week we mention that AT&T would start selling the iPhone 3G through its website. AT&T took that idea a bit further, and is now offering an iPhone 3G at a really good deal. Currently being offered is a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G for only $99US (with a 2-year contract). You heard r...

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Jobs close to winning iTMS pricing war?

The New York Post is reporting that the record companies "might be on the verge" of finally throwing in the towel on the fight for variable pricing in the iTMS. The labels are reportedly pulling out all the stops, with some executives even telling the Post that they are considering allowin...

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