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Apple buys Wi-Gear, branded Bluetooth headset coming?

It appears that Apple is spending at least a few dollars out of that US$51 billion cache of cash. 9to5Mac reports that the company has purchased a small Bay Area Bluetooth headset design firm named Wi-Gear. Wi-Gear's products included three generations of the iMuffs A2DP Bluetooth stereo headset (s...

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Hands on with the Jawbone ICON

I recently tested out the new Jawbone ICON Bluetooth earpiece. It's a small hands-free earbud device that you wear in your ear, and talk while on-the-go. At a cost of US$99, the unit provides support for both calls and A2DP-based audio. You can listen to your music and podcasts via the earpiece as ...

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Streaming iPhone via bluetooth in the car

When all of those iPhone 3.0 features were first announced, one of the features that stuck out most to me was the incoming A2DP ability -- the new iPhone OS will let you stream out music to a Bluetooth source, like headphones... or your car. And over at Cars.com, the guys got their hands on a Toyota...

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iPhone 3.0 feature roundup

If you've been listening to all the clamoring on Twitter, or perhaps have seen the updated Apple page, then you know there was an iPhone event today to discuss a new version of the iPhone OS, version 3.0. While you will have to wait until the summer to get the new version (unless you join the develo...

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A2DP Bluetooth support confirmed in Leopard

I've always found it surprising that Apple did not have support for the A2DP Bluetooth audio profile in Tiger. A2DP is the profile for stereo music, as opposed to the lower quality mono profile for standard phone headsets. It was rumored, but not confirmed by Apple, that Leopard would fill this hol...

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iPhone kinda supports playing any audio through a bluetooth headset

As I understand it, there are a lot of new DAPs and music-enabled mobile phones that support A2DP - a technology that allows devices to transmit stereo audio to Bluetooth headphones. It's all the rage with the kids these days, and many fans of cutting cables wherever possible were a bit disappointed...

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