Clutch provides browser control of torrents

Just yesterday, we told you about the new GUI version of Transmission. For those who prefer remote control, there's also a web UI for the Transmission daemon, called (cleverly enough) Clutch, just updated to version 0.2. Clutch is an easy way to manage your BitTorrent downloads from anywhere you can...

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Apple announces 3rd parties can write Web 2.0 apps for iPhone

Along with all the Mac OS X-related announcements at WWDC today, Apple also announced a solution, of sorts, to the 3rd party apps conundrum surrounding the iPhone. Since the device's announcement at Macworld '07 earlier this year, one of the largest questions everyone had for Apple was whether the...

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Google adds Mac support to Ajax toolkit

What was the most requested improvement for version 2 of Google's Ajax toolkit? Surprisingly enough, it was Mac support, according to Bret Taylor, Google's senior product manager for developer tools. Information Week reports that version 1.2.22 is now available as free download for Google developers...

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Apple brings (a little) web 2.0 to iPod nano RED site

I've been getting somewhat annoyed with Apple's aging website for a while now, as it still even contains the striped elements of Jaguar in its navigation at the top. Not that I have any problem with Jaguar, mind you (though I have a hard time with the possibility of giving up Tiger), but for a compa...

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