Mac 101: dealing with iCloud email spam

Dealing with an email inbox filled with spam can be a tedious process. Some spam emails, like those saying you have an inheritance overseas, are easy to spot, while others are cleverly crafted to appear legitimate. If you use an iCloud email account, here are some tips to help you curb your incomi...

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Mac Pro takes a bullet, brings justice

This piece isn't about shooting Mac Pros, but it is about how the Mac Pro is helping forensics professionals solve cases faster and more accurately. Pyramidal Technologies produces a system called ALIAS (Advanced balLIstics Analysis System), a replacement for standard ballistic investigation syste...

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Using aliases to extend Front Row's capabilities

While Front Row's integration with iTunes and iPhoto provides a nice, seamless experience, there are times when your needs demand a not-so-integrated approach -- say, for example, if you have an external hard drive full of videos that you'd like to watch on Front Row, but don't necessarily want t...

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TUAW Tip: Names for .Mac aliases sync to Apple Mail

One of my most significant gripes with .Mac has been in relation to a seemingly minor feature, but one that is (in my experience) fairly unique to Apple's struggling web service: email aliases. When I discovered .Mac a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the ability to create alternati...

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Give names to your .Mac aliases in Mail.app with a simple AppleScript

I.heart.macosxhints.com. An enterprising reader of their site submitted an AppleScript that offers you a simple dialog for each .Mac alias you have, allowing you to enter custom names to be associated with each alias in Mail.app (something Apple badly, badly needs to add themselves). It works wonder...

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ABC launches free streaming experiment

Starting today through June 30th, ABC is experimenting with streaming some of their primetime shows on the web, for free. Now, you will have to watch ads (though you do that when you watch these shows on TV, so that isn't a deal breaker for me) and you'll have to watch them on your computer. The go...

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Give your .Mac aliases a name

I love my .Mac aliases, but Apple really dropped the ball on allowing users to add unique names to each alias in Mail.app. By default, a message from a .Mac alias doesn't have a sender name or anything - the sender is simply the alias itself; kinda ugly if you ask me. Fortunately, MacOSXHints has do...

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