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Two great board games headed to iOS: Talisman Prologue and Eclipse

There's some great news today about two different -- both excellent -- physical board games headed to digital versions on the App Store. First up, the game Eclipse has been submitted to the App Store as a digital app. This is a great galaxy-spanning civilization builder, and the physical compon...

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This Apple really is for the teacher (and students)

iPads for high school students? Yes, thanks. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Monte Vista Christian School has 60 iPads ready to serve advanced placement students with e-books instead of the clunky old paper variety. The pilot project may expand to more students if all goes well. Teachers lov...

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Associated Press sources report Associated Press working on iPad app

Business Insider's The Wire is reporting, rather humorously, that AP sources have the scoop that the Associated Press is working on its own iPad app. It will reportedly be a paid subscription news app that generates content from the AP and more than 1,000 member newspapers and broadcasters. Th...

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AP Stylebook comes to the App Store

If you're a journalist, writer, or editor, you've probably either heard of, used, or referenced the AP Stylebook in some way. Now, the AP has released an iPhone app of the AP Stylebook [iTunes Link]. It's searchable, allows you to make notes, and offers features for easy access of suggested writing ...

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Beatles-on-iTunes talks 'stalled' says Paul

Talks between Apple, Inc., Apple Corps, and EMI to bring the Beatles catalogue to the iTunes Store have "stalled," according to a statement by Paul McCartney to the Associated Press. McCartney said, "The last word I got back was it's stalled at the whole moment, the whole process." He told the BBC ...

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Associated Press must have Steve Jobs' phone bugged

How else could they have come up with this insightful and super-newsy headline? Hmm, "expected" -- not a strong verb. How about "we'd bet our pants on it?" In fairness to Rachel Konrad, who undoubtedly did not write the headline, the article itself is pretty well done; it discusses the metameme of ...

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CNN reports on Mac virus

Several people have emailed us to point out that CNN is featuring an AP story about the 'first Mac virus' on their front page. It looks like CNN is a little late to the party, since the Mac web already reported about this way back in February. Damien wrote that, 'The bottom line is that this really ...

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