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Netflix/ABC/Disney streaming deal will bring TV all-you-can-eat to Apple TV

If the cheap $99 price tag of the Apple TV hasn't persuaded you to buy one of the tiny media centers yet, perhaps this news of a new deal between Netflix and The Walt Disney Company will make you reconsider. Netflix is one of the content providers for the Apple TV, streaming a growing library of old...

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NBC says no to iTunes rentals at 99 cents

With reports of credit cards being charged for Apple TV pre-orders, it's only a short time before Apple's hobby takes a rather serious step forward. But with only ABC and Fox having signed up to Apple's new $0.99 price point to rent television shows, it seems there's a lot hanging in the balance. Mo...

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Dave Chappelle, Wildfire in iTunes

The good news: Dave Chappelle is in the iTunes Music Store. The bad news: It's not his show from Comedy Central. "I'm Rick James..." Well, you know how it goes. The Chappelle video [iTunes link] is a nearly one hour stand up special he filmed for Showtime, and costs $1.99. Wildfire [iTunes...

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