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ABC's Nightline looks at AAPL

After a botched Maps launch and limited supplies of its flagship iPhone 5, Apple's stock has sunk to a five-month low, and the company has lost almost US$130B in market value since September. A piece on ABC's Nightline profiles this drop in Apple's stock and offers its take on why AAPL is not a...

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Nightline uses Find My iPad to sting sticky-fingered TSA officer

Oops! It seems the folks at ABC News set up a little sting with TSA agents and wayward iPads. Spoiler alert: it doesn't end well for the agent (warning: auto-play video at that link). The iPad, however, survived both the abduction and the "generous" pat-down. The news show Nightline intention...

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ABC News on new MacBook Pro: "The one to own"

Reviews of the Retina MacBook Pro are starting to roll out. Earlier this week, Engadget and others released their reviews, and, now, Joanna Stern of ABC News shares her thoughts on Apple's next generation laptop. Not surprisingly, the review emphasizes the display - both the improved clarity ...

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ABC News shows added to iTunes Music Store

Another Tuesday passes and more content has been added to the iTunes Music Store. Today ABC News joins the iTMS with Celebrity Flashback (which consists of old interviews with megastars such as the Rolling Stones), The Day It Happened, and various specials. They all follow the standard iTunes prici...

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