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SquareTrade study shows why iPhones and iPads dislike Mississippi

If you're an iPhone or an iPad making your way from a factory in China to the United States, just hope that you're not going to end up in the clumsy hands of someone from the state of Mississippi. A new SquareTrade study shows that some the highest levels of accident damage to both iPhones and ...

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Report: iPhone 4 "more prone to physical damage"

SquareTrade, a company that provides extended warranties for iPhones, is reporting that the iPhone 4 is "more prone to physical damage" than the iPhone 3GS, according to the warranty company's iPhone reliability report. In the report, SquareTrade compared over 20,000 iPhone 4 claims, from the fir...

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Win a Square Trade accident-coverage iPhone warranty from TUAW

Two weekends ago, Diet Coke was accidentally spilled onto my MacBook Pro Keyboard. The machine, a Core Duo 15" that was among the first of the Intel Macs rolled out, suddenly didn't work the way it used to. Luckily, damage was restricted only to the keyboard: caps lock, shift, b, h, and num lock di...

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SquareTrade Study: iPhones more reliable than BlackBerry, Treo

Independent warranty provider SquareTrade has released a report showing that iPhones are more reliable than either BlackBerry or Palm Treo devices. The report, titled "iPhone More Reliable than BlackBerry, One Year In", analyzes failure rates for more than 15,000 new cell phones covered by SquareT...

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My Powerbook screen broke itself

There are few things that bring a chill to the heart of Powerbook (or MacBook Pro users for that matter) users more than the phrase 'cracked screen.' Unless, of course, the cracked screen is entirely your own fault (having dropped my own Powerbook on more than a few occasions I know of what I speak)...

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