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Hands-on with the Fitbit Force activity tracker

When it comes to the "connected self" activity tracker market, Fitbit has been around for what seems to be an eternity -- two years. In 2011, the company unveiled its first tracker, the Fitbit Ultra, and they've been innovating with new and more sophisticated activity trackers ever since. The late...

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Just What is Wired Memory Anyway?

If you've ever opened up your Activity Monitor and looked at the System Memory tab, you've no doubt seen something similar to the above. But if you're like me, you've often wondered just what the labels mean. Just what is wired memory, anyway? Well Alex at Bits about Bytes has a nice little article...

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Kill those runaway processes

The Hacks Blog addresses two issues in one today: white hot Macs and runaway processes. As they explain, if your Mac is consumed by a stuck process that's putting the hurt on your processor, the machine will run very hot. So what does a geek do? Find that process and kill it dead. The Hacks Blog exp...

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List of Mac OS X's processes and their purpose

Have you ever opened Activity Monitor to check on what processes and apps your Mac is running, only to be greeted with a list that's about as understandable as ancient Greek? (This of course assumes that you don't know how to read ancient Greek). Well, through the beauty of diggdot.us (all the del.i...

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