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Tether for iPhone returns as an HTML5 app

Last year, iTether hit the App Store and was promptly pulled when Apple discovered it let customers share their phone's mobile broadband connection without paying for a carrier tethering plan. After a few months of inactivity, Tether is now back as an HTML5 app. The new HTML5 version of Tether crea...

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devsugar: A better way to share ad-hoc builds

Hey, Dave Howell. This post is for you. Dave's company Avatron is in the midst of a beta program for its newest application, Air Display. Steve Sande took a first look at Air Display not too long ago, and I've been messing with it too. The thing is this: Avatron is still sending out zipped applic...

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Developer-to-developer: application sharing for the iPhone simulator

Last week, TUAW showed you how to sign iPhone applications for informal developer-to-developer distribution. That approach lets you share applications between members of the iPhone developer program by using your signing credentials to authorize the application for use on your development units. iPh...

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Dev Corner: Signing iPhone apps for informal distribution

At times, iPhone developers might like to test out applications without going through the formality (or challenges) of ad hoc distribution. Ad hoc distribution was introduced by Apple to allow software testing on up to 100 registered devices. It is, admittedly, a bit of a pain. Developers must co...

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Podcaster dev can't provision any more licenses

Developer Alex Sokirynsky wrote a blog post this morning saying Apple rescinded his authority to provision new ad-hoc licenses for his software, Podcaster. The blog post has since been removed, possibly because it violated his developer NDA. Sokirynsky believes that the licenses already provisioned...

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What does "ad hoc" app distribution mean for users?

In the din of announcements from WWDC on Monday, one of the underreported features for iPhone apps is "ad hoc" app distribution: registering up to 100 iPhones, and distributing your apps yourself. Macworld's John Welch has a good overview of Ad Hoc and enterprise distribution, and what it means for ...

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