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HipChat ditches Adobe Air for a native Mac client

Collaborative chat service HipChat has been available on multiple platforms including Mac and iOS for some time, but the desktop iteration has until now existed as an Adobe Air app. Citing an outpouring of requests from its users and an internal unhappiness with Air as a platform, Atlassian has...

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Adobe promises console quality games on iOS with new Air 3

Adobe has announced version 3 of its Air cross-platform development runtime is out now, and the company says it will allow developers to use Flash, Actionscript, JavaScript, and other technologies to create what are essentially console-quality 2D and 3D games for the web, and even iOS. While Fl...

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Adobe releases Flash 11 and AIR 3 betas

Adobe has released betas of both Flash 11 and Air 3 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The new features that caught my eye right away include full 64-bit support for Flash Player running in browsers (even in Linux!) and support for delivery of full HD video with 7.1 surround sound to AIR-powered T...

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Adobe releases Wallaby, experimental Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool

Adobe announced the release of Wallaby, an experimental tool designed to convert FLA files to HTML 5. This initial version of Wallaby is meant to convert animated Flash banners to HTML 5-compliant code. This output is optimized for viewing by WebKit-based browsers, including those on the iPhone, ...

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Adobe's Packager to be updated for iPad support

Adobe is reportedly working to update its Packager for iPhone and will launch it in a new version of the popular Adobe Creative Suite bundle. Packager for iPhone is a utility included in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and the Adobe AIR SDK that lets developers export their Flash-based applications to ...

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Adobe gives the sack to Project ROME design app

Just over a month ago, we told you about a new content and website creation app called Project ROME that Adobe had released for a public trial. We just got a note from Adobe and a link to a forum post saying, in essence, ... never mind. Based on feedback from users, Adobe has decided to abandon ...

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Adobe launches Project ROME preview, all-in-one content creation/publishing

Apple's favorite software vendor has just released a preview of a new content creation and publishing tool called Project ROME. Project ROME is an Adobe AIR application that can either be run as a Web app in your browser or downloaded and installed on your local machine. Project ROME is mix of...

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Adobe announces HTML5 Video Player widget

Adobe's Dreamweaver Team Blog today broke the news that they've created an HTML5 Video Player widget which generates code to play video in the best player for a specific platform using a variety of video codecs. The widget is available through the Adobe Widget Browser and works with or without Dream...

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