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Big Nerd Ranch Clash of the Coders: Projects

As the teams battle away on the Clash of the Coders, ideas are quickly becoming reality as developers are hard at work on their projects. Some projects are, admittedly, utilitarian. Now is a great opportunity for devs to create in-house tools for use during the rest of the year. In a shop that ca...

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Parasitologists fight disease in Africa using low-cost iPhone lens

In rural Tanzania, scientists have outfitted an iPhone with an $8 glass lens and an inexpensive flashlight to convert the device into an inexpensive field microscope. Fitted out in such a fashion, the unit enabled researchers to search stool samples for parasite eggs, including the hookworm and ro...

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iPhone 5 launches in Africa, Caribbean and Southeast Asia

Apple CEO Tim Cook promised during the last earnings conference call that the iPhone 5 would be available in 100 countries worldwide by the end of year and the recent December 21 launch of the phone in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean helped the company reach that milestone. According...

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iPad has become a big factor in African business

Here's an interesting stat: As compared to the global average, professionals in Africa are actually twice as likely to get offered an iPad by their employers. Forty-seven percent of respondents to IDG's latest survey revealed that they own an iPad issued to them by their employer. The global avera...

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Apple-backed rules prohibit electronics makers from buying minerals used to fund wars

Bloomberg reports that new rules have gone into effect which prohibit electronics makers from buying minerals that help fund wars in Central Africa. The Conflict-Free Smelter program specifically bars electronics makers like Apple and Intel from buying tungsten, tin ore, gold and coltan from Cong...

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