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After Effects CS5.5 to add Warp Stabilizer, 3D effects and more

Adobe's been pretty focused on the mobile platform with its talk of tablet and smartphone publishing and integration of the iPad into the CS5.5 workflow, but that's not all: Adobe's visual effects package, After Effects, got some love, too. After Effects CS5.5 will bring quite a few new featu...

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After Effects 8.02 now available

Note: This update does NOT fix the conflict between AE and QuickTime 7.4 that we reported here. Adobe's recommendation is still to avoid the 7.4 QuickTime update. Good news users of Adobe After Effects CS3 (8.0) who are running Leopard -- 8.02 is now available and it fixes many of the compatibility ...

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After Effects 7 users: QuickTime 7.4 update a nono

After Effects 7 users, take note: there have been some interesting and unfortunate developments with the recent release of the QuickTime 7.4 update. Apparently, it disables After Effects 7 and will not permit users to complete rendering videos. There have been some arguments about what is causing th...

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Is Safari a system resource hog?

A browser doesn't seem like it should have that adverse of an effect on one's system performance. Aside from the power users who surf for hours at a time and leave their browser running for days on end, one's browser shouldn't be dragging the rest of the class down. Macenstein, on the other hand, ha...

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Someone finally tests Adobe apps on Rosetta vs. PPC

Bare Feats has been busy with their Mac OS X vs XP tests earlier today and now this. From what I can tell, they are probably the first site to post some benchmarks of non-Intel native Adobe apps, specifically Photoshop CS2 and After Effects 7.0. Check out the machines they used, and note the equali...

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