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1Password now available on Mac App Store

If you haven't already heard, AgileBits has unleashed their fantastic password manager 1Password upon the Mac App Store. Not only is it now available in a convenient easy-to-update form, but this new version will include new features and an easy upgrade path to 4.0. Not to mention it's also HAL...

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Our favorite tips and hints for 1Password, now out on Windows and Chrome

1Password is having a big week. The Windows version has arrived at version 1.0, and Google Chrome support has been added. In addition, there are a lot of new 1Password users this week, thanks to Agile's promotion that let users give away free licenses to friends. Not using 1Password yet? New custome...

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Agile Web Solutions takes over development of Knox

Years ago I started using Knox for securing files, folders and drives. It's an easy and very secure way to keep your private files private. This week, long-time developers Marko Karppinen & Co. handed it over to Agile Web Solutions. As Agile is behind the popular 1Password, I think it was a grea...

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1Password for Windows beta available

For a lot of our readers, working with a Windows machine at the office is a way of life; in other words, you probably don't have a choice. Agile Web Solutions, developers of the popular 1Password and 1Password touch applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, have announced today that a Windows versi...

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1Password on your iPad

1Password, the oft-mentioned password manager and form filler, has just posted mockups of their in-the-works iPad version. Previously available on the desktop and for the iPhone, 1Password has undergone some visual overhauls already. The iPad version appears to take the current interface a little fu...

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1Password 3.0 out of beta

1Password 3.0 is available today for Leopard and Snow Leopard users, with a bunch of new features. Top of the list is 1PasswordAnywhere, which allows you to view 1Password data from any other computer --Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever -- with a modern browser like Safari or Firefox. (It should also al...

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Sneak Peek: 1Password 3.0 + secret beta-enabler tweak

As Christina mentioned a while ago, 1Password version 3 is on the horizon, and we've got some sneak peeks to show you. There are some great improvements to the core, but more immediately noticeable are the visual tweaks to the interface. The entire UI has been overhauled, and I'm impressed. Take a ...

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WWDC Quick/Cut: Dave Teare of Agile Web Solutions on 1Password

We, of course, had lunch with our favorite Canadian developers at WWDC. Talking with Dave, Roustem and the rest of the crew from Agile Web Solutions is something I look forward to anytime we're all in San Francisco. I didn't film the whole lunch; being filmed eating is almost as awkward as eating al...

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Agile Web Solutions at Macworld 2009

It's always a pleasure to see the guys from Agile Web Solutions. I spoke to them about three upcoming features for 1Password, their secure, password-collecting, form-filling application. I won't go into a lot of detail on 1Password, we've mentioned it a few times before. First, we talked a little a...

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Agile offering free licenses, 15% discount

Agile Web Solutions today offered its customers a Thanksgiving present: a free copy of 1Password. Existing customers are encouraged to give up to three extra licenses to their friends by visiting Agile's website and providing their information. New customers can also benefit: If you purchase 1Passw...

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1Password 2.9 and the Agile Keychain

We may have mentioned it one or two (dozen) times, but 1Password is a great solution for securely managing passwords, credit cards and notes on a Mac (and recently the iPhone). If you're a 1Password fan, be sure to check out the 2.9 release from last weekend; it has a pretty huge new feature. For qu...

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1Password 2.7 gets a little sexier

I know we just mentioned the upcoming iPhone version of 1Password yesterday, so I'll make this quick. Version 2.7 (of the desktop variety) was just released and it adds a brand new feature: a fully keyboard-accessible HUD window which allows you to instantly navigate to a website and log in. Accordi...

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Sneak peek: 1Password iPhone pics

We stumbled upon some preview pictures of 1Password for the iPhone (see our WWDC chat with Agile Web Solutions), which were deleted almost as quickly as they surfaced on Dave Teare's photostream. Since we are, for the moment, playing by the rules of finders, keepers, we (gently) persuaded Dave to gi...

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AllBookmarks in your menubar

AllBookmarks is a simple, free menubar application from the makers of 1Password. Basically it gives you one-click access to all your Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, Camino and Flock bookmarks as well as your 1Password Bookmarks (if you have 1Password installed). The interface includes a live search box, t...

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1Password 2.6.5 released

Agile Web Solutions has updated their 1Password product with support for 4 new browsers and better support for the newly released Firefox 3. 1Password now works on the following web-browsing applications: Safari 4 (Developer Preview), DEVONagent 2.3.1, latest OmniWeb, and Flock 2 beta. In addition t...

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