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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Airport Breakdown!

Happy Tuesday!!! Dave is a nice boyfriend who purchaed an AirPort Extreme for his girlfriend's birthday in order to help her. While the Extreme solved her printing/backup issues, he wanted to know about playing music through it. Today we discuss the different AirPort base stations and show Dave ...

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Apple TV hacking update: AirTunes Bonjour services, DFU mode

I decided to limit myself to just a couple of hours of Apple TV hacking this morning as I have books that need writing, children who need feeding, a house that needs cleaning and, lord almighty, you wouldn't believe the laundry. So again, this is going to be a quick update rather than an in-depth ex...

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Looking forward to AirPlay

As you may have heard, Apple had some sort of event on Wednesday. In amongst the Big News like iPods and iOSs and iTunes and iTVs Apple TVs, Steve Jobs briefly mentioned AirPlay, a replacement for the AirTunes music streaming system used in the Airport Express multi-purpose device. I've built my hom...

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iPad OS will be revved to 4.2 in November, unifies the line

During today's Apple event, Steve Jobs announced that the next version of the iPad flavor of iOS, 4.2, will be available as a free update in November 2010. The iOS 4.2 version will support the iPhone and iPod touch (4.0 friendly versions of those devices) in addition to the iPad. Among the new fe...

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Signal 1.1 adds AirTunes support, landscape mode, Webclip icon

We covered Signal when it first dropped in the middle of last year, and now Alloysoft has sent us a note that they've upgraded to version 1.1. The app turns your iPhone into an iTunes remote through a server connection, so you don't need to jailbreak or hack the phone at all -- just run the program ...

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