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Daily iPhone App: CARROT alarm clock uses mild forms of torture to wake you up

CARROT, the beloved personality in the popular CARROT task manager from Brian Mueller of Grailr, is now the star of an alarm clock app that berates you into waking up on time each day. The new CARROT alarm clock is a minimal app with a whole lotta personality. You get a glimpse of what you are in ...

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Rise Alarm Clock is lovely to behold and effective at waking you up

Some developers throw in a minimalist, gesture-based UI because it is trendy, while others use this style of interface because it works with their app. An excellent example of the latter scenario is Rise, a new alarm clock from Simplebots. Rise is a basic alarm clock. It only does one alarm a...

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iPhone bell accessories will definitely wake you up

During my sophomore year in college back in 1976, I had a roommate named Chuck who had problems waking up when his alarm went off. We tried a variety of alarm clocks and clock radios, all of which failed. Then we did an experiment with a timer plug and his stereo, setting the volume to 11 and p...

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Daily iPhone App: Wave Alarm lets you turn off your alarm with the wave of your hand

Wave Alarm has one feature that sets it apart from the myriad of other alarm clocks in the App Store. It lets you turn off your alarm by waving your hand at your phone. This may seem like a gimmick, but I found it to be extremely useful. Wave Alarm is a no-frills alarm clock. It has a digit...

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Alarm Dock gives your iPhone retro cred

There are plenty of alarm clock apps and plenty of docking stations available for iPhones, but the Alarm Dock from Jonas Damon is a cut above the rest -- it looks, quite simply, gorgeously retro. Reminiscent of those GE alarm clocks your parents had on their bedside table, your iPhone slides in...

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iOS update forthcoming to fix Alarm Clock app bug

Our intrepid Kiwi reporter, Chris Rawson, recently told TUAW readers about a mysterious bug that hit his iPhone on the morning of September 25th when New Zealand switched to Daylight Saving Time. iOS users in Australian time zones that follow Daylight Saving Time had a similarly rude awakening on th...

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A roundup of clock apps for the iPad

One of the more surprising app omissions from the iPad was the iPhone's Clock app. It's an extremely useful iPhone app, featuring a world clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Why Apple didn't choose to add this app to the iPad is a mystery for the ages, but at least it's opened up the market for some...

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iHome announces iPad clock radio dock

iHome has announced the first clock radio with a fully functioning iPad dock. In addition to traditional clock radio features, you get a Bluetooth connection to use with your iPad. You will be able to sync the proper time from an iPhone, and in turn, the alarm settings from the radio get synced to y...

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Friday giveaway: Get your calculator back on with Digits for iPad

If you divvy up the universe of iPad hands-on coverage over the past month, there's a reasonable midline with "Here's all I was able to do with it" on one side, and "Here are the things it doesn't do, isn't that ludicrous?" on the other. Michael Gartenberg's post at Slashgear about a two-week roa...

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iLuv iPhone dock includes "bed shaker"

The iLuv iMM178 shares a lot in common with many iPod docks available in the market today: Play and charge your iPhone or iPod -- check. Alarm clock scheduling based on full-week, weekdays and weekends -- check. Alarm clock with customizable sounds -- check. Alarm clock that vibrates to wa...

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Five useful Apple accessories for students heading off to college

Whether you're on your way back to college, or you're the parent or friend of a college-bound Apple fan, there are a lot of great items on the market this summer that are both functional and fashionable. Back in the prehistoric 1970's when I was a civil engineering student at the University of Co...

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Playlist Alarm Clock, drift off and wake up to custom soundtracks

Be sure to check the end of this post for details on your chance to win a free copy of Playlist Alarm Clock! We covered Chilli X last year, with their release of the successful iPhone to-do application, "Done" (iTunes link), and again with myCal, their app for creating custom calendar wallpapers for...

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TUAW Sleep-off: Ambiance vs. aSleep vs. your Mac

Everybody needs to sleep, and more than just a few hours each night. It's not just a matter of being in a foul mood all day; there are some pretty serious physiological effects of sleep deprivation. Since you tend to learn the most when you do things incorrectly, I know plenty about lost sleep. Anyt...

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iRooster 2.2

Using your Mac to wake you up isn't a new idea, but I think it is a good idea. iRooster 2.2 (release notes) is another alarm clock app that turns your Mac into the most expensive alarm clock you have ever used. It allows you to pick playlists, or random songs, from your iTunes library to jar you aw...

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DIY iPod boom box

The new iPod Hi-Fi looks really cool, but who has $350US sitting around doing nothing? Why now whip up your own solution from the parts you probably have sitting around your house right now? That's what Phillip over at Make:Blog did. Buy hacking an iPod speaker unit together with an old pair of App...

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