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Yocto Alarm Clock for iOS is free, full featured and very nice

There must be hundreds of alarm clock apps available for iOS. I've reviewed several, both good and bad. The free ones are usually not so great, the paid ones are usually a step up. So along comes the Yocto Clock. It's free, has oodles of features, looks great and works well. The Yocto clock c...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me find a better alarm

Dear Aunt TUAW, Why do all iPhone alarm clock apps have to simulate an old and unattractive 7-segment display? Or the old, cheap, unattractive flip-clock display? I understand the gee-wiz factor of emulating these classic displays, but aren't we way past that point? I would love to see a simple,...

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Alarm clock apps for iOS and Mac

Now that the iPhone's built-in Clock app has suffered two alarm-hindering hiccups, some users are ready for an alternative. Sure, Apple says the latest issue, affecting non-recurring alarms set for January 1 and 2 of 2011, will be "fixed" as of January 3. However, some of us here at TUAW experienced...

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