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iTunes maintains its music download dominance as Amazon plays catch-up

Nearly 10 years after the iTunes Music Store first opened up for business, iTunes remains the market leader in digital music downloads. According to a research report published by the NPD Group earlier this week, iTunes accounted for approximately 63 percent of all digital music downloads in ...

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Download Amazon MP3s in Terminal with clamz

If you've ever wanted to download Amazon MP3s via Terminal or over ssh, or ever found yourself unable to use the "Amazon MP3 Downloader.app" then I have good news for you: there is another way. The problem Amazon's MP3 Store annoys me to no end. I love the deals that they occasionally offer...

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Advantageous mp3 simplifies Amazon comparison shopping

The most recent iTunes update introduced variable priced, with many popular tracks now priced at $1.29. Needless to say, this makes Amazon MP3's 99 cent tracks that much more attractive. Advantageous mp3 is a little script and application combo that makes comparison shopping between iTunes and Ama...

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TUAW Review: Napster MP3 store

As we noted yesterday, Napster has now rolled out the world's largest DRM-free MP3 store. In the spirit of the Amazon MP3 review we ran last year, I thought I would take Napster for a spin to see how the service works from a Mac-user's perspective. The first thing to note is that this is a download...

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Napster MP3 store to rival iTunes store with 6 million DRM-free tracks

Napster has announced that it is now offering DRM-free MP3 downloads that play on the iPod family and the iPhone. Furthermore, the library is 6 million songs which puts it in the same league as the iTunes Store, and indeed far eclipses the latter in DRM-free offerings. The MP3s are 256kbps and cost ...

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Amazon MP3: DRM free downloads from Amazon

Amazon today unveiled Amazon MP3 Beta (because if it isn't in beta, it isn't cool), a music download service that offers up music as it was meant to be: DRM free. EMI is onboard, as well as iTunes hating Universal, and a host of smaller record labels. Prices for single tracks vary but most are betwe...

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