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Replacing iDisk with online storage of your own

With the June 30, 2012 death of Apple's MobileMe service looming just a little over two months away, some Mac users are still wondering what to do to replace one of the keystone pieces of the service -- iDisk. Macworld's Glenn Fleishman provided some tips today on how to replace iDisk with your...

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OpenPhoto is an open, cloud-based photo storage alternative for iPhone

If you're furious with Flickr and peeved at Picasa, there's a new kid in town -- OpenPhoto. OpenPhoto is an open source photo sharing service along the lines of those other services, but the images are stored on Dropbox, Amazon S3, or any other cloud-storage service. It's meant to give photograph...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me upload my stuff to Amazon Cloud

Dear Auntie TUAW, Amazon gave me a free 10 GB in their cloud to upload my music. It won't all fit since I have about 15 GB of music, so I was wondering if there was a way to upload just certain playlists without have to go to each folder and upload all the songs separately. Perhaps an automator ac...

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ForkLift 2, slick file management, fast file transfers

ForkLift 2 was officially released this week. This is the second generation of the FTP client-cum-Finder replacement, and it brings with it a veritable shipping palette full of new features. When it comes to file transfer, ForkLift 2 has just about all the bases covered: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3...

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TUAW first look and giveaway: Courier simplifies Mac media sharing

Sharing your files, photos, movies, and images with others through online services can sometimes be a hassle for Mac users. For some of us, it's possible to get all of the various interconnections between services set up in such a way that one tweet sends a photo to Facebook, Flickr, and a variety ...

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Cyberduck adds cloud file management improvements

My FTP app of choice, Cyberduck, has updated to version 3.6, and as you can see on the changelog, it's a nice, chunky update. The developers have added in support for Google Storage, made things easier for Amazon S3 users, and added a lot of little features and bugfixes that make the whole experien...

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Snow Leopard Services in practice: Amazon S3 uploader

I stumbled upon a great example of the Snow Leopard Services that I've been drooling over. The S3 Upload Service by August Lilleaas is available as a workflow which can be opened in Automator, so you can examine its inner workings. It uses AppleScript and Ruby, easily passed back and forth thanks to...

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Let's do the Time Warp again! Offsite Time Machine backups

Apple did the world a great service when they introduced Time Machine backups to OS X. Suddenly, anyone could attach an external disk drive to their Mac and have a constant set of backups at their fingertips with little or no intervention required. However, there was one very big, hairy fly float...

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First Look: Twin 1.0 for Mac OS X

Time Machine made it easy for Leopard owners to back up their Macs on local external hard drives, and lately we've seen a number of online backup services such as Carbonite, BackBlaze, and MozyPro debut for the Mac platform. These online services are great (I personally use BackBlaze), but there's a...

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ExpanDrive 2.0 expands to Amazon S3

I had to do some extensive testing before I got too excited, but after a conversation with the developers I'm pleased to announce that ExpanDrive 2.0 is out. We've mentioned it before, but to recap: ExpanDrive allows you to mount remote servers as drives directly accessible in Finder. With a comple...

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Old-school FTP gets souped up: Interarchy 9

Interarchy 9, Nolobe's FTP application, is out Friday 1/11 with over 100 new features. We've covered Interarchy in the past, in part because of its old-school cred, but this release has some new-school polish. In addition to the existing support for the usual protocols and Amazon S3 transfers, vers...

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Panic releases Transmit 3.6

Panic has dropped Transmit 3.6, the latest version of the FTP app that we freakin' love here at TUAW. Included in the new version is all the great old stuff (droplets, and the "edit anything anywhere" ability), and the new features of Amazon S3 support and a "Copy URL web preview" (in which you can ...

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