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Amazon Video on Demand Service is Mac-friendly

Back in 2006 we covered the launch of the Amazon Unbox video service which was then being pitched as the best alternative to the iTunes Store. There was one big problem: it didn't support Macs. Now, finally, Amazon is starting to rectify the situation with their new Amazon Video on Demand Service. P...

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NBC shows leave iTunes but join Amazon's Unbox

Here's a quick recap of the NBC/Apple tussle, for those who are tuning in late: NBC says Apple is mean and won't renew their contract ('These shows are my toys and I'm going home!'). Apple says NBC is a stupidhead, and NBC's shiny new shows won't be available in iTunes ('How are those toys now...

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Amazon Unbox

The long rumored Amazon video download service has made its debut. Amazon Unbox is its name, and it has some very cool features. Progressive downloading means you can watch your movie, or tv show, as it is downloading which is helpful since Unbox only allows one download at a time and with 1 hour o...

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