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Amidio's Laugh Synth makes you cry -- with laughter?

Amidio is known for their mobile music creation apps for iOS devices. They've brought us fully featured apps like the recent Songineer, Seline HD and Touch DJ. But the focus of their newest app, Laugh Synth, is a little more, well... light-hearted. Laugh Synth does what it says on the tin, it...

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Amidio debuts Songineer - Instant Composer for the iPhone

Amidio, makers of mobile music creation apps like Seline HD, have released Songineer, a scale-based sequencer to help you create and generate melodic sound and groove while on the move. Featuring a drum machine with 5 drumkits, a beat randomizer, 20 instruments, a DNA keyboard (which means yo...

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Count The Beats: First look at Amidio's Seline HD app for the iPad

The guys over at Amidio Inc (Touch DJ / Noise.io) have recently released their latest app for the iPad, Seline HD (US$5.99). Seline HD is a musical instrument designed for performance and composition of music on the iPad. One of its key features is to make the creation of complex melodies easy, ...

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