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Fortune ranks the Apple analysts

After Apple's earnings call yesterday the company's stock took a sizable hit. This, of course, was due in large part to the company underperforming analysts' revenue expectations. But rather than rail on Apple, Fortune argues that Wall Street's Apple analysts performed worse than the company itsel...

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MacBook Air projected to earn $2.2 billion per year

Analyst Mark Moskowitz with J.P. Morgan predicts the MacBook Air will be a $2.2 billion cash cow for Apple in 2011. The MacBook Air exploded onto the scene in late 2010 with a smaller form factor and a reasonable base price. Moskowitz notes that Apple sold 420,000 units in the last few months o...

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iPad 2 lines persist two weeks after launch

No, this doesn't mean that some people have been standing in line for two weeks non-stop; it means that lines continue to form at Apple stores around the USA as new shipments of iPad 2s arrive. In fact, the lines are so notable, says AppleInsider, that Wall Street analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham...

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AAPL could hit $410 according to R.W. Baird analyst

If only this blogger had held onto that Apple stock that was bought for about $8 while dabbling in the market in the late-1990s. Instead the profits from selling it at $27 a share were put into such wise investments as Webvan. The only good thing about my dot com bubble investing period is that ...

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