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Angry Birds Friends recruits your Facebook friends in fight against the pigs

Charge your phone, hide your family and mourn the loss of your free time. Angry Birds has returned with the latest expansion of their fowl-flinging empire, Angry Birds Friends. The new version looks a lot like the old one at first glance. You still fling super-powered birds at structures in your q...

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Some excellent new games on the App Store right now

Apple traditionally releases big new apps all together on Thursday, and this week there's an exceptionally good slate of releases arriving, including some games we've been waiting on for a while. As expected, Angry Birds Friends has arrived, and it's a social take on the popular Angry Birds s...

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Angry Birds Friends coming to the App Store this week

Rovio has announced today that a new game called Angry Birds Friends will be out on the App Store this week, offering up yet another iteration on the extremely popular series about frustrated avians. As you can tell from the name of the game, Angry Birds Friends will be a social take on bird-th...

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