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Reuters: Apple to show off iRadio streaming service next week

Reuters is reporting that among the announcements we'll see at next week's WWDC keynote, Apple will introduce a new music-streaming service called iRadio. The service will be free and ad-supported, Reuters says those in the know claimed, and will feature ads from the iAds team. The service is de...

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Steve's 'One More Things' all in one video

Steve Jobs' "One More Thing" pronouncements made for some of the most memorable and fun moments of the various Apple events he hosted over the years. Near the end of each show, he would usually pull out a "I've got one more thing to share with you" reveal, and it would always be something not n...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: iPad mini mega-announcement edition

It's Sunday once again, and since Mike is busy battening down the tech hatches in anticipation of Sandy, tonight Kelly will be hosting. We'll have plenty to discuss, with not only an earnings call, but a media event as well, giving us loads of actual facts (iPad mini! New iMac! Retina 13" and a ne...

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Apple's announcement timing is uncanny

Tony Bradley at Macworld points out something interesting that I've also been thinking about: Apple is being awfully sneaky with its timing when it comes to product announcements. The upcoming March 2 event happens to land not only right around the time that Motorola's much-anticipated Xoom...

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Because you asked: iPad-free TUAW feed

You begged. You pleaded. You filled our in-box. We listened. We heard. We understand. For all of you who love the Mac and Apple news but whose interest in (and, occasionally, patience for) the iPhone and iPad have been exhausted, we have a solution. We're happy to introduce the following ne...

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Announcement: App Store Livechat, Friday @ 12PM

Is the App Store working just right? That's what Mike Schramm wondered the other day after this Newsweek article appeared, discussing the state of publishing apps on App Store. Tomorrow, we'll be hosting a live chat with real App Store developers, both successful and struggling. Please join us. You...

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Announcement: Saurik live chat at 4:15 (ET) today

Please join us this afternoon at 4:15 Eastern for a live chat with Jay "Saurik" Freeman. Jay is going to talk to us about Apple's new signature server and what that means to you as an iPod or iPhone owner. Have you noticed a new message in iTunes when you restore an iPhone or iPod touch? "Verifying...

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OpenFeint 2.0 brings social discovery to the iPhone

The Aurora Feint folks are at WWDC with the rest of the Mac development world this week, and while out there, not only are they having a party, but they sent out an announcement: OpenFeint 2.0 is out now, and it has some "social discovery" features now included. Their open platform already supported...

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Rumor: Mac mini turns Nano in late October

I've had this plan ever since the mini almost died earlier this year, and I'm sticking to it: as soon as I can buy a Mac mini with Leopard on it, I'll do so. And no one's going to stop me-- except maybe Jobs himself. Mac OS Rumors reports that they've heard that as of October's end, the mini is dead...

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Rumor mill: August 7 iMac announcements... likely NOT true

[Update 1:15 pm -- And this is why we don't often post product rumors... indications are that this is coming from someone posing as our "reputable source," and other sites have received and debunked the rumor. We tried to reach the source for verification but were not able to do so. Our apologies if...

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We're not revealing Fake Steve

Just a quick announcement for all of you bombarding our tip line this evening. We've made a pledge to keep Fake Steve fake and we're sticking with that promise. We all know the news has hit the wires. And you know what? We don't care. We love Fake Steve just the way he is. Fake. Some things in li...

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That's Entertainment! MGM in iTunes

Today Apple announced that MGM will sell its catalog of older films at the US iTunes store. To kick things off, "Dances With Wolves," "Mad Max," "The Great Train Robbery," and "Rocky" should be available for purchase some time today. More titles will be added during the coming weeks. (MGM owns the l...

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Announcement: User Group Roundup

Do you help run an Apple-themed User Group? Do you have any upcoming December 2006 meetings or special events? Please let us know via our Tips form by the end of next week to be included in the TUAW December User Group social calendar. Send complete details about your meetings or events, including l...

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